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Written Dear Drew: Pre-Combine edition

David Valdillez: Dear Drew, I know we need help on the offensive side but do you think that the Texans are going to get some help on Defense?
DD: Absolutely. Take it to the bank. They'll for sure add defensive help in free agency and through the Draft.

Chris Basurto: Dear Drew, I'm excited about next season. I was wondering if the team was going back to train at The Greenbrier? Plus, did they change the offseason weightlifting program?
DD: Yes sir, the Texans are going back to West Virginia for training camp. The Texans have a new strength and conditioning coach in Luke Richesson, who's also the senior director of sports performance. He's got a wealth of experience, and was most recently with the Denver Broncos.

Jeanna Blankenship: Dear Drew, how do we make it through the off season? It's a long long wait until football season.
DD: Texans Radio, every single weeknight from 6-7 on SportsRadio 610 and the Texans App. Also, Texans 360 on Saturday nights at 11 on ABC-13/KTRK. This website, too!

Mike Winston: Dear Drew, Now that Cushing is released, what are your thoughts on which other team(s) might pick him up in free agency?
DD: Good question, Mike. I think he still wants to play, so you might see him latch on with a team in the coming months. Perhaps the Rams and either New York squad as starters.

Kyle Parker: Dear Drew, Do you think the Texans will get to play in another country this season?
DD: For sure not this year. That we know. But don't be surprised if the Texans play in London in the 2019 regular season. They're one of the few NFL franchises that hasn't played there yet.

Chris Royal: Dear Drew, Since we start drafting in the 3rd round...Do you think the Texans will draft for NEED or BAP Best Available Player seeing as it is so late in the draft? 
DD: They'll likely roll with the best available player who's an offensive lineman or defensive back or tight end or pass rusher.

Derwin Jordan: Dear Drew, How soon will we know Derek Newton's status?
DD: Derwin, I think it'll be a really fluid situation with Newton. He continues his comeback from the knee injuries, and it's going well. But we'll see if/when he's on the field for OTAs or training camp. We'll have a better idea in a few months.

Dan Flores: DearDrew I'm trying to make it to be a judge for the Texans cheerleaders tryouts. Can you help a Texans brother out?
DD: Good luck. I'll put in a word for you.

Chato Lyday: Dear Drew, Will the Texans use the Franchise tag? Have they ever used it before?
DD: I doubt it this year, Chato. They've used it once, on cornerback Dunta Robinson in 2009.

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