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Janice McNair

Janice McNair

Co-Founder and Senior Chair

Cal McNair

Cal McNair

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Executive Leadership

Business Operations

  • Greg Grissom President
  • Greg Kondritz Executive Vice President, Business Affairs & General Counsel
  • Marilan Logan Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
  • Juan Rodriguez Senior Vice President, Operations & Event Management
  • John Schriever Senior Vice President, Event Revenue & Services
  • Doug Vosik Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
  • Ben Wang Senior Vice President, Business Analytics & Insights
  • Jerry Angel Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Brian George Vice President, Luxe & Partnership Development
  • Anita Martin Vice President, Human Resources
  • Hannah McNair Vice President, Houston Texans Foundation
  • Jeff Schmitz Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Stephen Johnson Vice President of Planning and Strategy
  • David Fletcher General Manager, Lone Star Sports & Entertainment

Football Operations

Subprogram Heads

  • Tim Brog Director of Football Technology and Decision Science
  • Andrew Brown Director of Football Administration
  • Mike Eubanks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Sue Falsone Director of Movement and Return to Performance
  • Clay Hampton Director of Football Operations and Team Logistics
  • Ladd Harris Director of Team Wellness
  • Geoff Kaplan Director of Texans Health
  • Brent Naccara Director of Security and Facility Operations
  • Roland Ramirez Director of Player Care and Sports Medicine
  • Dylan Thompson Director of Team Development
  • Matt Van Dyke Director of Applied Sports Science
  • Joe Vernon Special Advisor Football Operations

Football Performance Research

  • Frank Edgerly Director of Football Research
  • Rohit Mogalayapalli Football Performance Assistant

Football Administration

  • Andrew Brown Director of Football Administration
  • Tom Adden Assistant Director of Football Administration
  • Bobby Brown Associate Director of Football Administration
  • Samantha Thick Football Administration Assistant


  • James Liipfert Assistant Director of Player Personnel and College Scouting Director
  • Tom Hayden Director of College Scouting Operations
  • Ronnie McGill Director of Pro Scouting
  • DJ Debick Assistant Director of Pro Scouting
  • Todd Jones Jr. Pro Scout
  • John Ritcher National Scout
  • Mozique McCurtis National Scout
  • Bailee Brown Area Scout
  • Najja Johnson Area Scout
  • Bradley Mathews Area Scout
  • George Panos Area Scout
  • Blaise Taggart Area Scout
  • RJ Goodwin Personnel Assistant
  • Nate Leopold Personnel Assistant
  • Haley Stork Administrative Assistant, Player Personnel

Football Operations and Team Logistics

  • Clay Hampton Director of Football Operations and Team Logistics
  • Darwin Beacham Assistant Director of Team Logistics, Equipment
  • Eric Bowman Assistant Director of Equipment
  • Grant Hendrix Football Operations and Team Logistics Manager
  • Tyler Sherry Football Operations and Logistics Assistant, Equipment
  • Camille Wilson Football Operations and Team Logistics Analyst
  • Patrick Moorer II Football Operations and Team Logistics Apprentice

Team Development

  • Dylan Thompson Director of Team Development
  • Morgan Kleinschmidt Senior Manager of Team Impact

Security and Facility Management

  • Brent Naccara Director of Security and Facility Operations
  • Robert Breiding Security Coordinator
  • Cody Carpenter Football Maintenance Coordinator

Football Technology and Decision Science

  • Tim Brog Director of Football Technology and Decision Science
  • Colby Borden Football Technology Lead
  • Thomas Stoeser Football Video Assistant
  • Blake Farabee Football Technology Assistant
  • Matt Moore Football Technology Assistant
  • Lucas Messina Football Technology Assistant
  • Kevin Clark Decision Science Lead
  • Parker Franzen Football Data Analyst
  • Adam Fron Football Participation Analyst
  • Cole Weeks Football Strategy and Participation Analyst
  • Nidhi Sadhu Modern Web Application Developer
  • Brad Nordstrom Data Engineer
  • James Yobe Web Application Engineer

Applied Sports Science

  • Matt Van Dyke Director of Applied Sports Science
  • Ryan Grubbs Applied Biomechanics Coordinator
  • Marc Lewis  Sports Science Coordinator

Strength and Conditioning

  • Mike Eubanks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Joe Distor Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Chris Cervantes Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Pat Moorer Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Jon Heck Strength and Conditioning Apprentice

Wellness and Performance Nutrition

  • Ladd Harris Director of Team Wellness
  • Jacob Mertens Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition
  • Amy Johnson Performance Nutrition Coordinator
  • Christopher Bednorz Executive Performance Chef
  • Michael Potowski Executive Performance Sous Chef
  • Matthew Staph Performance Sous Chef
  • Shawna Vaughan Performance Sous Chef
  • Felipe Tapia Performance Kitchen and Cafe Manager

Sports Medicine

  • Geoff Kaplan Director of Texans Health
  • Roland Ramirez Director of Player Care and Sports Medicine
  • Sue Falsone Director of Movement and Return to Performance
  • Ciara Burgi Return to Performance Lead
  • Jeremy Baxter Associate Head Athletic Trainer
  • Jon Vaden Return to Performance Assessment Coordinator
  • Shannon Osborne Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Brandon Kukal Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Megan O'Hanlon Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Tyler Roehl  Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Dillon Gregory Assistant Training Apprentice
  • Lexus Blunt Assistant Training Apprentice
  • Brian Price Assistant Training Apprentice

Business Operations


  • Joanna Marks Executive Assistant, Chairman and CEO
  • Bonny Marshall Executive Assistant to Greg Grissom
  • Carly Knox Chairman’s Office Assistant

Business Analytics and Technology

  • Khoa Nguyen Senior Data Operations Manager
  • Matthew Schwartz Senior Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Nate Seidell Senior Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Joe Smilari Controller
  • Lisa Ruiz Senior Director of Payroll Services
  • Roweena England Director of Tax
  • Cristina Anaya Accounts Payable Manager
  • Cassandra Blanchard Accounting Manager
  • Kayla Rumbaugh Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
  • Jeff Knox Accounts Receivable Accountant
  • Anna Reyes Senior Accountant
  • Jacob Ross Senior Financial Analyst - Treasury and Data Analytics
  • Monica Garza General Accountant
  • Shelby Vogt Senior Payroll Accountant
  • Lucy Vega Quintero Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Melissa Weynand Executive Assistant to Marilan Logan

Human Resources

  • Ivory Youngblood Director of Human Resources
  • Jazzyn Booker Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Leah Pierre Human Resources Manager
  • Victoria Trevino HRIS and Benefits Manager
  • Mia Combs Human Resources Generalist
  • Ashley Semyone Human Resources Generalist
  • Terina Brown Human Resources Assistant

Information Technology

  • Michael Johnson Senior Director of Enterprise Applications
  • Bobby Rawlinson Director of IT Service Delivery
  • Leo Scott Director of IT Infrastructure
  • Errol Allard IT Security Manager
  • Anthony Shade Senior System Administrator
  • Aaron Amaya Endpoint Management Engineer
  • Elwin Jaramillo Developer
  • Brandon Cooper IT Support Analyst
  • Nhuan “Warren” Lieu Data Engineer

Legal & Business Affairs

  • Sunil Jamal Associate General Counsel

Marketing Promotions

  • Brandyn White Senior Director of Marketing
  • Casey Alberts Director of Cheerleader Programs
  • Jackie Maldonado Director of Game Presentation and Live Entertainment Producer
  • Kandyace Mayberry Director of Alumni Relations
  • Andrew Johnson Senior Mascot Program Manager
  • Brett Stewart Senior Youth Football Manager
  • Jack Fenimore Marketing Manager
  • Krista Murray Marketing Manager
  • Kim Ramos Gomez Game Presentation Manager
  • Ryan Records Mascot Manager and Content Producer
  • Gavin Cupp Community and Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Zareah Horton Marketing Coordinator
  • Bria Rouse Game Presentation Coordinator
  • Cindy Torres Marketing Coordinator
  • Juan Villanueva Marketing Coordinator
  • Karlee Combest Marketing and Cheerleader Program Assistant


  • Omar Majzoub Director of Communications
  • Lindsey Fox Strategic Communications Manager
  • Evert Geerlings Football Communications Manager
  • Ryan Galbierz Communications Coordinator

Community Development

  • Adrienne Saxe Director of Community Development
  • Kyle Cupples Community Relations Coordinator
  • Jay Bautista Community Development Intern


  • Carl Mandell Senior Creative Director
  • Lauren Garner Lead Graphic Designer
  • Steven Overturf Senior Graphic Designer
  • Abbey Purcell Graphic Designer
  • Zach Tarrant Photography Manager and Team Photographer
  • Tyler Suddarth Video Production Manager
  • Gardy Swengbe Broadcast Content Producer
  • Shane McNeill Video Production Intern
  • Gavin Gehrt Executive Producer, Senior Director of Live Video Productions
  • Kenny Perkins Senior Motion Graphics Design Manager
  • Manny Alvarez Pinzon Motion Graphics Designer and Editor
  • Ben Sommers Motion Graphics Intern

Digital Media

  • Jay McDevitt Senior Director of Television and Digital Media
  • Ted Brooks Director of Social Media
  • Adam Cann Director of Digital Media
  • Joidon Jennings Digital Media Manager
  • Arianna Allen Social Media Coordinator
  • Kate Connors Social Media Coordinator
  • Jonathan Johnson Social Media Producer
  • Ethan Sabater Social Media Producer

Local Radio Content

  • Marc Vandermeer Vice President, Broadcasting and Voice of the Houston Texans
  • Drew Dougherty Texans TV Host and Senior Integrated Media Manager
  • Deepi Sidhu Texans Insider and Senior Content Producer

Event Experience

  • Disney Harris Senior Director of Event Experience
  • Ashley Alspaugh Senior Event Experience Manager
  • Kate Gilbert Event Experience Manager
  • Kelsey Proctor Event Experience Manager
  • Ryan Jackson Event Experience Coordinator
  • Cabina Woods Event Experience Coordinator
  • Jorge Escobedo Event Experiences Intern

Fan Operations and Event Services

  • Hayle Krigel Director of Guest Experience
  • Wanda Brown Guest Experience Manager
  • Irving Garza Operations Manager
  • Christina Abay Guest Experience Coordinator
  • Taylor Clements Guest Experience Coordinator
  • Gabriella Taglione Front Desk Representative

Office Services

  • Marvin Dave Senior Office Services Manager
  • Ben Wangrin  Office Services Coordinator

Operations and Logistics

  • Blaine Foreman Senior Director of Operations
  • Rick Bornhauser Operations and Logistics Manager
  • Richard Garcia Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Jackson Rutt Event Operations Coordinator


  • Alexandra Comerota Senior Director of Partnership Marketing
  • Brian Peden Senior Director of Partnership Development
  • Shari Rainey Senior Director of Partnership Services
  • Viridiana Ramos Senior Luxe Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Tiffani Whittington Senior Luxe Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Brandon Anselmi Luxe Partnership Services Representative
  • Meg Reynolds Partnership Marketing Manager
  • Lelia Vacek Partnership Marketing Media Specialist
  • Sarah Schriever Senior Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Julia Lenhardt Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Michael Nolen Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Zach Perlman Partnership Fulfillment Coordinator
  • Brittyn Shriver Partnership Marketing Coordinator
  • Stephen Friedlander Director of Texans Luxe Partnership Development
  • Christian Jablonski Luxe Partnership Development Manager
  • Taylor Johnson Luxe Partnership Development Manger
  • Jon Klein Luxe Partnership Development Manger
  • Evin Martinez  Director of Partnership Development
  • Justin Kempisty Partnership Development Manager
  • Charlie Hartland Account Executive, Partnership & LSSE Development
  • Sineddy Santos Executive Assistant to Partnerships Team


  • Derek Beeman Vice President, Ticket and Event Sales
  • Trey Young Senior Director of Ticket Operations
  • Gary Garcia Director of Business Development
  • Jessica Brown Director of Membership Service
  • Travis Leyndyke Director of Ticket Strategy and Finance
  • Cody Cavalier Club Membership Services Manager
  • Madison Holesko Group Sales Manager
  • Erica Majzoub Club Membership Services Manager
  • Ashwin Ponukumati Inside Sales Manager
  • Nathan Haile Inside Sales Representative
  • Hunter Haskins Inside Sales Representative
  • Kyandrea Joyner Inside Sales Representative
  • Danny Noel Inside Sales Representative
  • Andrew Ramstedt Inside Sales Representative
  • Palak Patel Inside Sales Representative
  • William Townsend Inside Sales Representative
  • Josh Webber Inside Sales Representative
  • Jordan Harry Inside Sales Representative
  • Ashton Alexander Account Executive, Business Development
  • Joshua Davidson Account Executive, Business Development
  • Ryne Harris Account Executive, Business Development
  • Kelsey Huffer Account Executive, Business Development
  • Armond Mccray Account Executive, Business Development
  • Zach McCready Account Executive, Business Development
  • Brenden Nagel Account Executive, Business Development
  • Tiffany Ochoa Account Executive, Business Development
  • Jorge Howard Account Executive, Business Development
  • Uraney Soto Account Executive, Business Development
  • William Thurman Account Executive, Business Development
  • Stephen Guttadauro Business Development Representative
  • Cameron Young Business Development Representative
  • Angelica Walker Business Development Representative
  • Sarah Spillane Club Seat Membership Advisor
  • Angela Velazco Club Seat Membership Advisor
  • Romelie Biyo Ticket Operations Coordinator
  • Tayler Bates Membership Services Advisor
  • Ariana Berrelez Membership Services Advisor
  • Coby Grissom Membership Services Advisor
  • Tate Guerrero Membership Services Advisor
  • Chelsea Lott Membership Services Advisor
  • Greg Takekawa Membership Services Advisor
  • Anfernee Trower Membership Services Advisor
  • Skyler Williams Membership Services Advisor
  • Caitlin Towle Group Sales Specialist
  • Philip Baumgartner Group Sales Specialist
  • Josh Curtis Group Sales Specialist
  • Joe Di Filippo Group Sales Specialist
  • Shermaine Maristela Group Sales Specialist
  • Matt Gallina Event Sales Associate
  • Liz Hernandez Event Sales Associate
  • Patrick Stallings Event Sales Associate
  • Zýan Thomas Event Sales Associate
  • Maria Medina Intern - Ticketing