12Q w/C Nick Martin | Drew's Dozen

1.     DD: What's the guiltiest pleasure that you're missing during the shelter-in-place?

Martin: I like a good, juicy burger every once in a while. We've been eating pretty dang healthy.

2.     DD: What's the first thing you're going to do when this shelter-in-place ends?

Martin: Seeing family. Definitely that. I also love going to the movie theater, so I want to see a movie at the theater, a bucket of popcorn

3.     DD: What movie are you most looking forward to this summer?

Martin: Oh man, I don't look that far ahead.

4.     DD: The only reason I ask that is cause I know the Top Gun sequel is coming out this summer.

Martin: I heard there's a recreation of the volleyball scene. So it'll be interesting to see, 30 years later, whatever it is. I guess they have to do that, right?

5.     DD: Which do you prefer: beach volleyball, pool volleyball or volleyball in a gym?

Martin: Probably pool volleyball. Less stress on the joints and the knees.

6.     DD: What's your show watch right now?

Martin: We just started Ozark, so that's going to be the new one to binge. We watched episode one last night and man, it was tense.

7.     DD: How much FaceTiming/Zooming are you doing these days?

Martin: A lot. Definitely a couple of hours for sure.

8.     DD: What's the loudest NFL stadium you ever played in?

Martin: At the Saints last year, Week 1 was pretty loud. You love it because you live for those moments. The communication has to take place when you literally can't hear a guy five inches from you.

9.     DD: How about in college? What was the loudest game you played in for Notre Dame?

Martin: The Big House (University of Michigan) is loud.

10. DD: What was the first car you had?

Martin: Oh, a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The chair wasn't even connected. Like the driver's seat chair was duct taped down. It was awesome.

11.  DD: Nuts in brownies: Delicious or inexcusable?

Martin: Oh, inexcusable.

12. DD: What's your favorite Easter candy?

Martin: Reese's eggs are phenomenal. Strawberry jelly beans are pretty good.

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