12Q w/DE J.J. Watt | Drew's Dozen

Texans TV's Drew Dougherty went 1-on-1 with defensive end J.J. Watt, and the two spoke at length about a variety of topics. You can listen to the entire conversation HERE. An abbreviated version is below.

1) DD: If Chewbacca was on the Texans, what position would he play?
Watt: Nose guard. I'm a defensive guy. So I don't want him at offensive tackle. I'll take him at nose guard.

2) DD: You don't think he can go both ways, though?
Watt: I think he would get too tired.

3) DD: Rank the trios from one through five, best to worst: the Watt Brothers, The Three Stooges, the Three Amigos, Charlie's Angels and the Three Musketeers.
Watt: We're one. Three Amigos are two. No, no, Charlie's Angels are two, Three stooges are three...No. I'm all over the place. Watt brothers, one. Charlie's Angels, two, Three Amigos, three. Three Stooges four. Three Musketeers five.

4) DD What was the first movie that ever gave you nightmares?
Watt: 'The Ring'. Maybe 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. It's up there. 'The Ring', anytime a TV went static, after that it was touch-and-go.

5) DD: You're stranded on an island. You have one meal a day provided. You have an unlimited water supply. So you don't have to worry about food or water. What two things are you taking with you?
Watt: My wife and my dogs.

6) DD: How often have your dogs interrupted a Zoom meeting?
Watt: A couple of times, but I kind of figured it out after a while. For the most part, they're all right. They've interrupted probably two or three. I don't leave the door open for that possibility unless I think it would be comical.

7) DD: What's the perfect postgame meal after a Noon win at NRG Stadium?
Watt: It's a great question. One of the things that I've always enjoyed having post games is Hibachi. Fried rice. Steaks. I also enjoy chocolate chip pancakes, breakfast tacos. I also sometimes enjoy burgers, pizza, ice cream. Milkshakes. Also enjoyed pancakes again. My wife makes a homemade pizza that I really like. Sometimes I could order out to mix it up.

8) DD: So there's no set menu or meal?
Watt: No, that was that was the menu.

9) DD: What football movie character would you want most want to add to this football team?
Watt: That is a great question, Drew. There's a lot of different ways you could go with this answer.
DD: Nope. There's really only one answer. The greatest movie football character of all time is The Waterboy, Bobby Boucher.
Watt: Oh, yeah. That would work. I would probably understand his play calls about as good as I understand Benardrick McKinney when he makes play calls.

10) DD: What instrument do you wish you could play?
Watt: The guitar would be cool. Sit around a campfire being able to strum out some tunes would be cool. I tried to learn the guitar one time. My hands were too big and my patience is too short.

11) DD: Favorite Halloween costume growing up: what was it?
Watt: The Red Power Ranger. I did it two years in a row. I probably would have done it five in a row, but my parents shut it down, thankfully.

12) DD: What's your favorite candy, and what's the most overrated candy?
Watt: I like Reese's Peanut Butter cups. They are near the top of my list. I like Milky Way. I like Kit Kat. I like Twix. I do not like Almond Joy. I do not like whatever those pink and white things, are. Good and Plenty. Carmelo is my number one. I like Carmelo, but my grandma gives me Carmelo bars every time I see her and I love them. I also like 100 Grand.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: 100 Grand was also a part of one of the great "The Office" scenes of all time, eh?
Watt: It was. That's a great scene. 'There are four professions that you can go into in this country...".

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