12Q w/WR Keke Coutee | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's the one app on your cell phone you wish you would delete, but you just can't bring yourself to do it?
Coutee: Twitter. I try to stay away from social media as much as I can, but I wish that would be something that I could put aside and stay away from.

2) DD: You have to drive cross-country. Which three Texans teammates are going to roll with you?
Coutee: Stevie Mitchell, Jordan Akins, and I would say, Deshaun. Those are my guys. We have a strong bond, a great connection outside of the building as well. They're fun guys to be around. I spend most of my time with them at practice, outside of here, or wherever. Those are my go-to guys.

3) DD: Who's the one Texan that makes you laugh the hardest?
Coutee: Mancz. Greg Mancz. See, you wouldn't know that. But I'm around him every day. It's Christmas-time right now, so he's coming in with the holiday spirit every single day.

4) DD: I've never heard about his humor. But I've always heard he just has a great spirit year round, and he's one of those guys who gets people amped up. Is that true?
Coutee: That's right. He's one of those guys who's in there in the middle of the circle on gamedays getting everybody excited and amped up.

5) DD: Would you ever be one of those folks getting things stirred up on gameday?
Coutee: No, sir. I get bad headaches when I yell a lot, so I wouldn't do it.

6) DD: What planet would you most like to visit?
Coutee: Pluto, because there's a lot of sayings with Pluto in this day and age.

7) DD: Football aside, what attribute or talent or skill, etc, do you most like getting complimented on?
Coutee: How I dress. A lot of people say I dress differently. I try to vary my style.

8) DD: What's your favorite Christmas movie?
Coutee: 'Home Alone' All the 'Home Alone' movies, really. I could watch those whenever they come on.

9) DD: What's your go-to meal that you cook?
Coutee: Eggs and bacon, I'm a big breakfast guy. I can eat breakfast all throughout the day. I'm not a real big cooker. I'm still learning.

10) DD: If you were an animal, what animal would you want to be?
Coutee: The lion. He's not to be messed with.

11) DD: What animal terrifies you?
Coutee: The alligator.

12) DD: Who's the first person you text or call right after the game is finished?
Coutee: My mom. She's a big part of where I am today. She's here at most of the games.  really good.

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