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A message from Cal McNair on head coach David Culley

"Throughout his entire coaching career, David has shown an ability to lead and bring people together," said Texans Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Cal McNair. "David brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team as somebody who has seen it all in this league. In his over 40 years of coaching, David has learned from many of the best coaches in the NFL while helping players navigate both the physical and mental side of the game. Highly regarded individuals from all over the league reached out to us throughout this process in support of David because of his unique ability to connect with those around him and his passion for the game and the relationships he creates. During our meetings with David, it was evident he has the energy, communication skills and vision required to build a winning program. We are thrilled to welcome David, Carolyn and the Culley family to the Houston Texans."

Houston Texans announce David Culley as Head Coach.

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