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Advanced Swagg with D.J. Swearinger


After speaking with D.J. Swearinger during training camp & getting a full tutorial of Swagg 101, I checked back in midseason to see how the JungleBoi himself was doing.

So D.J., what did you do over the bye week? "I went home to Greenwood, kicked it with my family. I had a good time with my family and my dog. Then drove to Atlanta and had a good time with my old teammates, my old homies."

Did you take a week off of swagg? Or is it just on all the time? "Swagg is on all the time. It's unlimited. No off switch. The turn-off knob is broke."

Of course it is. Do you have any pregame rituals? "Well, I walk around the locker room. I like to carry the ball with my shades on. I don't like anybody looking at my face. I have my film with me. Get in the hot tub, get stretched. The whole time just listening to my music and getting my mind right."

Speaking of music, you can always be found dancing on the field during warmups. What songs get you most pumped up for game time? "Right now, it's LiL Boosie "We In Da Building" and Chief Keef "I Ain't Done Turning Up." I listen to both of those right before I go out. I start playing them in my head."

You've got some good dance moves. Formal training? "None. Just swagg."

The Texans as a whole have really upped their travel style. What designers are you into? "Right now, it's Elevee. Them, and another guy my coach referred me to. My old DB coach from college put me onto this guy and he's been hooking me up with some good stuff. I got a suit dude."

Who else on the team has good style? "K-Jack. K-Jack is on up there, I gotta catch up to him. Just give me a couple years."

Who on the team has the worst style? "Oh… let me see. I know somebody. Can't say the DBs, we DBs are always right. Oh, BEN. BEN JONES. That Ben Jones don't care. Ben just wants to have his coat on. He doesn't want to put any style into it. No swagg. "

You should go shopping with him. "I need to. But Ben's a country boy. That's how some country boys are. I'm like that sometimes, but I know how to turn it on. Ben's not gonna turn it on."

The second half of the season, you've become a starter. Does that bring a whole other level of swagg to your game? "It definitely brings a different swagg, definitely. You gotta have more responsibility; you gotta control your swag more."

Is it 'swaggg' with three G's now? "Oh, most definitely. Three G's."

Will you be dressing up for Halloween? "I don't know. I might be Tarzan. When I was little I was the Red Power Ranger and Spiderman before. My Spiderman was nice, though. It was nice."

SpiderSwagg. "Something like that."

Can you explain your "big play" celebration? "It's me eating with two spoons. Eat 'em up. Two spoons started my senior year, but I'm always eating. That's where JungleBoi came in: if you don't hunt, you don't eat. I look at the field as a jungle, and if you don't hunt on that field, if you don't hunt in that jungle, you won't eat. If you don't grind on the field, you won't make plays. You're starving."

Lastly, is it true your dog has its own Instagram account? "Yeah, it's DatDudeBlooh. It's not me. That is Blooh taking the selfies."

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