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All about the 1% for QB Deshaun Watson

While those around Deshaun Watson are quick to praise him, the rookie quarterback remains focused on the details.

"Each and every day is getting better," Watson said Friday. "So, I just try to find a way – it doesn't have to be a lot – just one percent better in whatever I'm doing. That's my processing information, making a good decision, ball-handling, throwing, being more accurate. Just find a way to get better each and every day."

Watson and the Texans put the pads on for the first time at training camp on Friday in West Virginia. The intensity at The Greenbrier was ratcheted up a notch or two, and the 2017 first-rounder articulated what the biggest difference was compared to the first two days of work.

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"If I had to pick one thing, probably today on the goal-line, how fast things are moving," Watson said. "Inside the five, defense is coming, offense is getting off the ball so you really have to be mentally sharp and fundamentally sharp down there."


Starting quarterback Tom Savage, as well as head coach/offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien, have both been impressed with Watson's dedication to learning.

"Loves football," O'Brien said. "In here all the time. Gets his food, goes up to the meeting room, watches the tape on his own – so does Tom, but for a young player, Deshaun's a mature guy."

Savage said Watson has leaned on him and veteran DeAndre Hopkins when it comes to picking up the intricacies of the offense.

"He's a great guy," Savage said. "He's really coming along and always picking our brains and stuff, so it's good to have that room."

Watson's also made a distinct impression on the Texans defenders, as well.

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"His ability," Whitney Mercilus said. "You've seen it out there on the field. Him being able to run, make some of the throws out there. It's impressive, his arm. Also, his composure as well is very impressive for just a rookie."

Training camp continues with another practice on Saturday morning at The Greenbrier.

Check out some of the best shots from the third day of training camp at The Greenbrier in West Virginia.

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