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Area to improve in 2024, old uniforms now gone | Fans Wanna Know


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Dorothy Ostrand: Dear Drew, Do all of those involved with the organization--especially our coaches and staff, and above all our hardworking players--know how much we think of them? Thanks for a wonderful season that went way beyond our hopes. I can hardly wait for next season. God bless and stay healthy and safe.
DD: Thanks a lot, Dorothy. Your sentiments are shared by many, as I've heard those same thoughts from a lot of different people over the last three weeks. It WAS a wonderful season indeed, and we're just like you: ready for 2024 to start. This was hopefully only the beginning of a terrific era ahead of us.

David Langford: Dear Drew, What area do you think the Texans can improve on the most in the offseason?
DD: Great question, David. Houston did a lot well, but the coaches and players would all tell you there's a lot that could be done better next season. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans was asked about the run game, which averaged 3.7 yards per carry this year. That was 29th out of 32 teams, and Ryans wants that number to improve.

"The running game will be significant for us to improve upon," Ryans said. "As you go throughout this game, especially in the postseason, teams that win games – you've got to be able to run the football and sustain it. We weren't able to accomplish that versus the Ravens, and it showed up. So, we have areas to improve – many different areas – but the run game is one of those areas, for sure."

Angel Torres: Dear Drew, Was this the last season wearing that style of jersey? Are the new 4 uniforms going to become the new look going forward?
DD: Yes and yes. You won't see the same uniforms of the last 22 years again. Or at least for five years.

Last Saturday in Baltimore was the last time the Texans will wear the Liberty White jerseys. We won't see the Deep Steel Blue ones they wore the Saturday before in the playoff win against the Browns, and the Battle Red ones worn earlier in the regular season any time soon.

Houston's going to unveil the four new uniforms the week of the NFL Draft in late April. They will be drastically different than what we've seen here the first 22 years of the franchise.

Carlos Rodriquez: When will we know when the Texans 2024 schedule?
DD: The NFL releases the schedule in April or May, but we know who and where the Texans will play. The list of opponents is **HERE**.

Jacqueline Pellegrino: Dear Drew, Do you think that Tank Dell's return next season will have a big impact on the team as a whole?
DD: I do.

The rookie wide receiver was terrific in the 11 games he played in 2023. When he left to injury in the Broncos game, Dell had seven touchdown catches on the season, which was tops on the team at the time.

He's excellent at getting separation from defenders, is dangerous in space, and a true difference-maker on the field. It'll be a lot of fun to see him back in the fold in 2024.

He said Monday that his rehab is going well, and Dell is expected to be able to participate in offseason conditioning with his teammates when that begins in mid-April.

Matt Budders: Dear Drew, What will be our main focus in free agency?
DD: Matt, I'm not sure you can say the Texans are focused on one position group in particular. We know for sure they're not going after a quarterback. Other than that, several key contributors in 2023 for Houston are going to be free agents, and I'm sure the Texans will re-sign a chunk of those players.

They'll also go outside the organization as well to get some help.

Make sure you're patient, though, when free agency begins on March 13. Think about it: guys like Dalton Schultz and Devin Singletary, Sheldon Rankins and many more were incredibly important to the success of this year's 10-7 bunch. NONE of them were signed on the first day of free agency.

Evan Redd: Dear Drew, What's your favorite cereal?
DD: I love Life, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Golden Grahams. And Raisin Bran.

Tarus Tucker: Dear Drew, How do you feel about DeMeco Ryans?
DD: Short answer: I'm very thankful he's here.

Long answer: I interviewed him a few days before he and Alabama played in the 2006 Cotton Bowl against Texas Tech, and my first impression of him has held true to this day: he's an incredibly impressive person.

Ryans was just 21 years old then, but he was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year for the Crimson Tide. When I interviewed him, he had insightful answers to my questions and that ear-to-ear smile.

He then had a couple sacks in the Cotton Bowl and his team beat the Red Raiders.

The Texans drafted him second overall, and he quickly became the leader of the team on and off the field.

It was a sad, sad day when he was traded to Philadelphia in the spring of 2012.

But his return almost a year ago will go down as one of the most important days in the history of the franchise. Every day since has seen the Texans get better.

Jake Dotzel: Dear Drew, What kind of music does the locker room listen to before big games?
DD: Nice question, Jake.

Most of the players are listening to their music choices before the game, and that varies.

On the main speaker in the locker room, though, it progresses from Gospel to Hip Hop as kickoff approaches.

The earliest parts of the day when the team is there, the Gospel music is playing. The music gets steadily more upbeat the closer to game time.

Jake, your question was such a good one that it'll get you some Texas Lottery Scratchoff tickets. A representative from the Texans will soon be in contact with you.

David Schneider: Dear Drew, Why didn't you have a watch party at NRG when Texans played at Baltimore? You could have allowed tailgating before the game. At $50 a head, if you only had 60,000 show up that's a $3M gate plus concessions. Sorry, as a CEO of a company I just thought you missed out on some revenue and giving the fans a fun experience instead of the stadium being empty.
DD: Thanks for the advice, David. 

Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't allow watch parties in stadiums when that team is on the road.

Also, the Monster Jam monster truck competition was taking place that day inside NRG Stadium.

But the Texans held a watch party Downtown, for free. The 3,000-plus who attended had a great time.

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