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Battle Red for playoff game? Cowboys in 2024? | Fans Wanna Know 


Samyra Henderson: Dear Drew, How do you think the Texans are going to do in the playoff against the main man Joe Flacco and the Browns?
DD: I think the Texans are going to win. Flacco has been brilliant for Cleveland and was sublime against the Texans on Christmas Eve day.

But I think a variety of factors will make it tougher for him on Saturday.

For one, C.J. Stroud is starting for the Texans, so Houston's offense should be able to move the ball better than it did three weeks ago. In the first half of that loss, Houston's offense was on the field for six possessions. They punted on five of those, and the Browns picked off a pass on the final Texans' drive of the second quarter. The only touchdown that half came from the special teams, when Dameon Pierce broke loose for a touchdown on a kickoff return.

Also, it's looking like defensive end Will Anderson, Jr., linebacker Blake Cashman and defensive tackle Teair Tart will be able to suit up on Saturday. All three were inactive for the first go-round. A better pass rush should help all involved and make it tougher for Flacco to operate.

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Evan Redd: Dear Drew, On a scale of 1-10, what is the status of Tank Dell's injury? Will he play in the playoffs if you guys win?
DD: I'm not sure about scales, but Head Coach DeMeco Ryans said Dell should be ready to go when the Texans begin their offseason conditioning program this April. Dell's on the injured reserve and can't play in the playoffs.

Logan Jansky: Dear Drew, Could we possibly see Battle Red uniforms for the Wild Card game?
DD: No, Logan. Unfortunately not. The NFL doesn't allow teams to wear alternate uniforms in the playoffs. They would look sweet, though.

Josh Rose: If we win against the Browns, who will we play?
DD: Let's speak it into existence, Josh. Let's say "when" the Texans win. A Texans victory would move them into the Divisional round.

From there, a variety of scenarios exist. They would play again at NRG Stadium against the Dolphins IF Miami beats the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday night AND the Steelers pull off the upset in Buffalo on Sunday afternoon.

If the AFC home teams BOTH win this weekend, the Texans head to Baltimore to face the Ravens. 

If the Chiefs win, but the Bills lose, the Texans would go to Kansas City next week while the Steelers would head to Baltimore.

If the Bills win, but the Chiefs lose, the Texans would go to Buffalo and the Dolphins would head to Baltimore. 

So, if you want to see the Texans back at NRG Stadium for a Divisional Round playoff game, root for PIttsburgh and Miami.

Dayton Calvert: Dear Drew, What time can we start tailgating?
DD: If you have a Platinum Lot pass, you can start at 10:30 a.m. All other lots can begin tailgating at 11:30. Make sure you're in the stadium early, though. It's more fun, and louder that way. 

Ariel Alameda: Dear Drew, Will the Texans be playing during regular season or preseason against the Dallas Cowboys for 2024?
DD: They're definitely facing the Cowboys in Arlington during the regular season. In 2024, the AFC South teams play one game against the NFC East teams. The division winners-Houston and Dallas-square off. 

There's no set date or time yet, though. That will come out with the NFL schedule release in April. We'll also find out the preseason schedule then, and it's certainly possible the two teams will face each other in August as well.

Nancy Escobar: Dear Drew, Corn or flour tortillas?
DD: Flour. Slightly charred, please.

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