Bill O'Brien on first day of training camp


There were plenty during the Texans first day of training camp practice on Saturday. Head coach Bill O'Brien was happy with the competition and pace of practice, less impressed with some of the mental errors. For mistakes such as false starts and offsides penalties, players dropped and gave pushups. O'Brien even joined in at times.

"I think it's unacceptable, we have to get better at little things, we have to stay on-sides, we have to line up right, we have to take care of the details," O'Brien said Saturday. "If we can take care of the details, better and better each day, I believe that's going to turn into wins."

O'Brien wants his players to concentrate on details, especially ones that "don't require any talent." He wants to see fewer errors at the line of scrimmage and on procedures, formations, and better communication on defense. Five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Vince Wilfork wholeheartedly agreed.

"Absolutely, absolutely. We know, to be at our best, we have to practice like that," Wilfork said Saturday. "First practice, there's no excuses. It's just simple things that we got to get rid of, bad football. That's one of the things that we have to get rid of, just bone-headed mistakes. Don't even take time to do some things that we make mistakes about, so if we can clean those up and be a better football team because of that, we'll be okay."

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