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Breakfast: Cecil Shorts, III a smooth part of wrinkles

The Texans offense added a few wrinkles in the last two weeks.

Cecil Shorts, III has been a smooth part of those wrinkles.

The veteran wide receiver caught a touchdown pass in Sunday's win, and also took some direct snaps out of the shotgun. It came a week after he threw a touchdown pass and ran a few direct snaps as well. For Shorts, the offensive creativity has been met with a smile.

* *

"It's fun, especially when it works," Shorts said. "When things go well and get positive yards on those plays, it makes the game a whole lot fun."

He caught a first quarter pass for three yards and a score. Quarterback Brian Hoyer was in the shotgun, took the snap and flipped it forward to Shorts, who had been in motion prior to the snap. It wasn't a typical 'touchdown pass' for Hoyer, but he didn't mind.


"Easiest touchdown pass of my career for sure," Hoyer said in the postgame press conference.

Shorts thought it was a "good" play call as well, and gave offensive coordinator George Godsey and head coach Bill O'Brien kudos for it.

"We worked on that throughout the week, Coach Godsey and OB, and talked about it on the sideline and it worked well," Shorts said. "That's the easiest touchdown pass for Hoyer."

* *

Shorts finished with three catches for 18 yards, and carried the ball three times for 20 yards. The first quarter score, which gave the Texans a 14-0 advantage, was his second touchdown of the season and 14th of his career.


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