Breakfast: J.J. Watt, O'Brien Skype with astronaut


Astronaut Terry Virts chatted from space with J.J. Watt and head coach Bill O'Brien earlier this year. Virts talked about his Skype conversation when he attended the Texans Wednesday training camp practice.

"I said, 'Hey J.J., I heard you just set some record doing a vertical leap, watch this' and jumped up. He was laughing," Virts said. "Of course, those days are long gone now that I'm back in gravity."

Virts landed back on Earth just last month after his NASA space exploration which lasted 200 days. Head coach Bill O'Brien was fascinated by seeing first-hand the astronaut's experience.

"That was unbelievable," O'Brien said. "I think it was more about J.J. Watt. He was Skyping with J.J. Watt. I don't think Astronaut Terry knew who the hell I was. But I was in the background watching it and it was just incredible to me to know how long they are up there, how far away from planet earth they are, how they operate during the day, and what they were doing up there as far as their research. It was just a really cool experience for me to see that."

Virts also recently also met Arian Foster when he visited NASA. The All-Pro running back had "some great questions about NASA."

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