Breakfast: Pat McAfee says NRG loudest stadium in NFL

Punter Pat McAfee has nothing but love for the city of Houston and Texans fans. Despite playing for the Texans biggest AFC South rival, the Colts, McAfee stopped by to catch up with Texans TV and praise Houston fans at the NFL Combine on Wednesday.

"Every year we get the opportunity to travel to Houston and it's my favorite city to go to and that's no joke," McAfee said Wednesday. "I love Houston. I really do. Great steak places, the people are amazing and Reliant (NRG) Stadium is the loudest stadium I've ever played in. That's a 100 percent true story."

McAfee, who just finished his sixth NFL season with the Colts, knows. During the Texans Oct. 9 matchup with Indianapolis, J.J. Watt's 45-yard fumble return for a touchdown was one of the loudest moments at NRG. The Texans lost 33-28, but Watt's play brought Houston within one score after trailing by 24 points.

That play, in addition to all of Watt's historical moments of 2014, was punctuated by the popular hit song, "Turn Down for What" blasting through NRG Stadium.

"Well, his season was unbelievable," McAfee said. "That "Turn Down for What" thing that happens at Reliant (NRG) Stadium is one of the coolest things. It's unbelievable."

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