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Breakfast: Randy Moss visits training camp


Head coach Bill O'Brien knows a thing or two about star wide receivers. Not only has he helped mold DeAndre Hopkins into the force he is today, but he also played a role in Randy Moss' success with the Patriots.

O'Brien, who worked with current ESPN analyst and retired star receiver Randy Moss from 2007-2010 in New England, invited one of the all-time greats to practice on Tuesday to help teach the Texans wide receivers some tips and tricks of the trade.

"Obviously, the talent speaks for itself," O'Brien said of Moss. "But one of the things that always impressed me about him was his knowledge – his knowledge of coverages, his knowledge of different DBs (defensive backs). He really brought a lot to the table last night for our team and for our receivers. It was good to have him here."

Not only was Moss at Tuesday's practice, but he also spoke to the entire team Monday night, sharing experiences and providing perspective from 14 seasons in the NFL.

"He talked about dedication to the game, how important the game was to him, how much it meant to him, how much he misses it, how much he misses the locker room and the camaraderie," O'Brien said. "Then he just talked about how are you adding value to this football team, are you doing your job, are you performing your role to the highest level? I just thought he gave a great talk."

Cornerback Johnathan Joseph, who has previously played against Moss, recognizes the impact Moss' trip can have.

"It's good," Joseph said. "I know the type of player he is and the type of person he is. For some of the younger guys, they idolized him growing up and then to see him firsthand and learn something from him out here. I think it's valuable for those guys."

Former star WR Randy Moss stopped by #TexansCamp practice on Tuesday.

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