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Breakfast: The Rock, J.J. Watt text about random stuff

When J.J. Watt posted this picture of himself looking like the Incredible Hulk, he quelled any question of his ability to work out this offseason.

Not only were media and fans talking about Watt's gains, so was another celebrity known for his brute strength: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

As it turns out, the famous wrestler-turned-actor and the Texans star defensive end may both hit the weight room with Herculean intensity, but they have struggles like everyone else.

Finding a pair of jeans that fit their oversized quadriceps.

@saquon needs in on this text convo between @jjwatt and @therock 😂😂😂

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Between wrestling and playing a defensive lineman at the University of Miami, The Rock has probably been frustrated by jean shopping most of his adult life. Between playing football, hitting the weight room and just being famous, it seems that Watt and Johnson have a lot to text about, including how to finding baggy-leg jeans.

Watt has been working his way back from a season-ending leg injury that caused him to miss the final 11 games of 2017.

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