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Brian Gaine on how Texans could move up in draft

The Texans could move up in the NFL draft next week.

But they could also move down.

According to General Manager Brian Gaine, it'll all be viewed on a "case-by-case" basis.

Houston's without a first and second round pick this year because of a pair of 2017 trades with the Cleveland Browns. The Texans first pick is in the third round, at 68th overall. Gaine, in his first draft as GM, explained why the Texans could move up in the draft.

"If we're honoring the draft board, and we see a player that potentially might be slipping down the draft board and we have the opportunity to go get him, and be aggressive, we'll measure that as well," Gaine said.

He also pointed out that the Texans could also be in a position to move down in the draft.

"Historically, I would much prefer to go down, rather than go up," Gaine said. "You get more at bats to get more good players."

With a trio of third round selections, and a fourth round pick that is 103rd overall, Gaine said the Texans will definitely be in position to acquire "contributors" for 2018 and beyond.

"If you can get four of the top 100 players in the draft, you're doing pretty good," Gaine said. "Perhaps that might not be player one through 50, but based on your grades and your rankings, if you have a chance to get four of those guys, I'll be happy."

The Texans own the following eight picks in next week's draft:

3rd Round (68th overall)
3rd Round (80th overall, from Seattle)
3rd Round (98th overall, compensatory)
4th Round (103rd overall)
6th Round (177th overall)
6th Round(211th overall, compensatory)
6th Round(214th overall, compensatory)
7th Round (222nd overall)

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