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BWTB: J.J. Watt on his best offseason yet


Splitting his time between Wisconsin and Houston, J.J. Watt feels he had his best offseason yet in 2014.

Following OTAs and minicamp, Watt returned to his hometown for the final weeks before training camp.

"I really enjoyed this four-week period," Watt said Friday. "I went back to Wisconsin and really kind of kept a real low profile, just trained. I got a chance to hang out with my family and friends. Right at the end, I spent two days in Los Angeles to do a couple things here and there. But really for the entire four-week block up until those last two days, it was in Wisconsin kind of working away, staying quiet, laying low. To be honest, it was one of my favorite offseasons yet because that's what it's about for me. That's when I'm having the most fun, when I'm hanging out with my family and friends and when I'm training to get prepared."

The Texans began training camp on Saturday and the two-a-day practices will continue through the end of preseason.

"It's great, it's really exciting to be back," Watt said. "It's always fun when football is in the air. Just like the fans, we get excited about it. We get revved up and ready to go. It's going to be fun."


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