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C.J. Stroud status, S.W.A.R.M. meaning, uniform upate | Fans Wanna Know

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Bethany Johnson: Dear Drew, How likely are we to see C.J. Stroud & Nico Collins play against the Browns this upcoming week? If Stroud doesn't start, will Case Keenum get the ball again or will it be Davis Mills?
DD: I'm not sure yet, Bethany. We'll have a better idea on Wednesday afternoon after the Texans practice for the first time this week. Stroud, according to Head Coach DeMeco Ryans, was in the concussion protocol on Monday.

Collins, meanwhile, missed most of the Jets game and was then inactive at Tennessee with a calf injury. He did, however, work out in Nashville before the game, so he might be a little bit closer to playing.

If Stroud doesn't go, I'd assume Keenum is the starter.

Jonathan Lopez: Dear Drew, How is Tank Dell's progress?
DD: Good. Ryans recently said Dell was in good spirits and would be back in time for the offseason conditioning program, which starts in mid-April.

Ashley Lewing: Dear Drew, What is meaning behind the SWARM?
DD: Ryans talked about it in his introductory press conference shortly after he was hired, and it stands specifically for Special Work Ethic and Relentless Mindset.

SWARM has more than one meaning for the 2023 Houston Texans. It means finishing every play with bodies around the ball, whether that's defenders piling on the ball carrier or offensive players working their blocks, engaging another defender, and working until the whistle blows.

Gudelia Hernandez: Dear Drew, Can we get the Oilers stuff back from Tennessee?
DD: No chance. They own the rights to those and aren't giving them up.

We'll just have to settle for beating them when they wear those uniforms.

Michael Medrano: Dear Drew, How soon can we see a glimpse of the new uniforms, or at least the color schemes?
DD: In late April, around the week of the NFL Draft.

These are the final two times you'll see the traditional Texans home uniforms, and then the away uniform at Indianapolis in the regular season finale.

Gavin Plumlee: Dear Drew, If there is one former or retired prime Houston Texans player you'd put on this active roster, who would it be?
DD: Great question. It'll always be a choice between J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson. But if I had to pick one, right now I would go with 'Dre. Adding him to the offense would be a lot of fun and make it more dangerous. Plus, as Keenum said a few weeks back, Johnson gave him "the tingles" whenever Keenum lined up under center and knew Johnson was out on the edge ready to catch a pass, 

Ariel Alameda: Dear Drew, What's the best sign you have seen a fan hold up at the game?
DD: I'm a fan of this one below from before the win at Cincinnati.

CONGRATULATIONS to Bethany Johnson! Her question was the Texas Lottery ticket-winning question, and she'll soon receive some Houston Texans scratchoffs.

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