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Changes, QB room, approaching the bye | Dear Drew

Got a question about the Texans? Life in general? Drew Dougherty's your guy. He's been with the Texans since 2009 and is chock full of meaningful, as well as generally useless, information. Fire away by clicking HERE!

Robert O.: Dear Drew, What's the deal with Deshaun Watson?
DD: He's still on the 53-man roster, and he still has not practiced or been active for a game this season. He comes to meetings on a regular basis at NRG Stadium. GM Nick Caserio met with the media on Wednesday morning at NRG Stadium and said, "there were various levels of discussions specific to him, and specific to some other players, as well. In the end, there was no trade that came to fruition."

Caserio also said he met with Watson earlier on Wednesday morning, and the Texans will continue to "evaluate that situation as we move along".

Justin Storey: Dear Drew, I think Nick Caserio is doing a great job. Do you think Davis Mills will be the future QB #1 ? PS: Can I get one of those Texans stickers for my laptop? Thanks!
DD: Check your email, Justin, and I'll get a sticker your way. As for Mills, we shall see. It's certainly possible.

As Caserio and HC David Culley have said, Mills has done some good things and has some plays he'd like back. That's pretty consistent with every rookie to ever take an NFL snap. His demeanor has really impressed a lot of veterans, as WR Brandin Cooks and RB Rex Burkhead have said publicly.

Getting this stretch of game experience has been valuable, and getting a full offseason in the system ought to help as well.

George Howell: Dear Drew, Why does Davis Mills hold on to the ball so long when everyone is covered, instead of throwing the ball out of bounds, he just holds it waiting to be tackled and lose more yardage.
DD: He's looking for a receiver to throw to. After the loss to Los Angeles on Sunday, he said he held onto it too long and needs to do a better job of "making sure I'm getting the ball out of my hands before those guys get to me."

Darin Fohner: Dear Drew, Have the Texans shown any interest in Ole Miss QB Matt Corral and what are the chances he could be a Texan come draft time?
DD: While I don't know the exact level of interest, I'm certain the scouting department knows quite a bit about Corral, and he's on their radar, but that's the case with all other 31 teams as well. He's a talented QB playing in the SEC, so he's gotten a lot of scrutiny and will continue to get looked at from now through whenever he gets drafted.

German Texan: Dear Drew, With the release of Vernon Hargreaves III and Desmond King ll being inactive last week, who do you think our starting corners will be at Miami?
DD: I think King will likely be back this week. If that's indeed the case, he and Terrance Mitchell are probably the starters at corner. Tavierre Thomas might be a starter, like he was last week if King isn't a go.

Christian: Dear Drew, What are your Bye Week plans?

DD: Nothing major, but I for sure want to see "The Many Saints of Newark" in the theater. I'm a big Sopranos fan and gotta check that out.

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The Texans will travel to Miami to face the Dolphins (1-7) in Week 9. The next time you can see the Texans at NRG Stadium will be on November 28 as they host the New York Jets in Week 12. Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets.

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