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Coaches Commentary: Vance Joseph on Secondary

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*At the conclusion of June's minicamp, huddled with the team's position coaches to get their respective thoughts on the projected starters. This is the sixth 'Coaches Commentary' in a series of articles that will go through the roster, position by position.

CB Johnathan Joseph2 INT (1 TD) in 2012Pro Bowler in 2012, 2013

"J-Joe had a great spring. Last year he was obviously injured a lot so it was kind of an up and down year. For a corner, when you have injuries to your legs and hips, that makes a difference because you make your money with your legs.

He had two sportsman's hernias that he didn't talk about to the media but he played with all year. This year we focused on having a great offseason to build his body to where he can play all 16 games plus playoffs. He's done that. His body's stronger, has gained 5 pounds of muscle, he looks explosive and quick again.

He's got great quickness and great long speed. He plays with great technique. He wants the challenge. That's what's great about J-Joe: he wants to cover the best guy each week. Most guys don't want that challenge but he wants it. And for the most part, he's done a great job with everyone he's covered. If he's healthy, he's one of the best corners in the league."

CB Kareem Jackson4 INT (1 TD) in 201247 total tackles last season

"He's made giant leaps the last two years, and we expect him to make more leaps this year. He wants to be a great corner, a Pro Bowl player. That's the way he's worked, that's the way he's studied.

He's become a technician at his position. He's kept his body at tip top condition. When he first came here his issue was technique and his body wasn't in great condition but those things have been fixed.

He's confident, he wants to be great. From any guy I've ever coached, he's improved the most from the first to the second year. He went from a guy that no one thought could play to being one of the top corners in our conference. He's going to have a great year in my opinion."

S Ed Reed2004 NFL Defensive Player of the Year61 career INT

"Ed's got the highest football IQ I've been around as far as a player. He knows what that position entails, he knows how to play the position.

Even not knowing our entire system, in our first meeting he was just watching film and could see things that most guys can't see. That comes with experience but that also comes with hard work. He loves to study the game, from a coach's perspective to a player's perspective. He's got ideas in game planning.

This guy's going to be a great treat to coach and great for our guys to be around. What makes him a great player is his football IQ. Most guys can be really smart and get there but can't make the play. Ed's going to make the play. That makes him special."

S Danieal Manning2 INT (1 TD) in 201259 total tackles last season

"I think D-Man's to the point right now where he knows what he's doing and he knows what everyone else is doing. When you get to that point in this defense, you're gonna play fast. He's already been playing fast but now he knows exactly what's going on with everybody on the field.

He has great physical ability, is a great tackler, has great ball skills, but now he's gonna be a master of the game. He plays remarkably fast. He's a corner turned safety so his corner speed continues to show up with him being an explosive tackler; that's a deadly combination.

Ball skills-wise, he's got receiver hands, he can cover like a corner. He has all three tools you want to be a great safety. Now adding with him two guys with great experience and great physical ability, that's gonna make our position really tough to beat."

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