Combine Exit Poll: Can J.J. Watt do it again?

At the 2015 NFL Combine, football analysts discussed the big questions surrounding the Texans this offseason.

In Part 3 of this series, national media members weighed in on J.J. Watt. In 2014, he became the first player in NFL history with two seasons of 20 sacks or more. Could the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year reach 20 sacks again in 2015?

John Clayton (ESPN): "Can you find anybody who can block him? I haven't seen it in practice or in games. Nobody can block the guy. He's unbelievable with his ability to make moves, to bat down passes to get sacks, to make plays and now even go at tight end and make touchdowns. I mean, it's like the guy is remarkable; he's having a Hall of Fame career. So can he be stopped? I can't see it. I guess the only way to stop him is to take him out of the game and Bill O'Brien's not going to do that."


Sam Farmer (L.A. Times):* "Absolutely. This is a guy who clearly is a level above defensive players in the league and, the fact that he was, essentially put together an MVP season. I think that's repeatable, clearly, with him.

"He's a dominant, dominant player and really a team leader from that position where you often don't see the defensive lineman step up and almost take that quarterback role. But, he defines this franchise, the good things about the Texans and I think that he could be a dominant force for years to come - next level-type player."

Solomon Wilcots (NFL Network, Sirius XM): "I remember doing one game against Buffalo after (Watt) intercepted E.J. Manuel and took it to the house. As we rolled to commercial break, I said, 'He's worth every penny.' It's not for me to say, that's for Bob McNair to say, but I like to believe that when you put forth that kind of effort, the productivity is going to come.

"Whatever you get from that kind of effort and energy in someone who's playing for the sheer love of the game, I think the productivity is going to always be there."

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