Daily Brew: Jordan Akins getting inspiration from brother

Tight end.





Jordan Akins played a number of positions over the course of his football career, but got his start as a running back.

"I really studied my brother growing up," Akins said. "My brother was one of the best running backs I'd ever seen in my life so you know I always try to mimic everything."

Jonathan Akins, two years older, played running back for Alabama State University. The track star was an all-state hurdler in the 100 and 200-meter races. Although the older Akins decided to start a family instead of pursuing football, his younger brother still benefits from his game.

"It really taught me vision," Akins said. "It taught me all the lanes, how to read the lanes and how to read the field, how to read some of the linebackers coming downhill so I think it's a big advantage for me and I kind of get ahead of the game."

Akins, drafted in the third round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft by the Texas Rangers, played four seasons as an outfielder in the Texas farm system before attending the University of Central Florida.

Now in his second season with the Texans, Akins has a number of roles in the offense, some of which include an overlap with fullback duties. His versatility is an asset, perhaps only exceeded by his availability. Akins has not missed a day of practice in training camp.

"It betters me as a person," Akins said. "The more repetition I can get, the better I get. Just like baseball."

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