Daily Brew: Manchester City welcomes Kenny Stills to Derby Day

"This is like a bucket-list type of thing."

That's how Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills described his experience watching Manchester City and Manchester United playing in the Carabao Cup semifinal this week. Stills, a guest of Manchester City, visited with fans and took part in some pregame festivities outside of The Etihad.

"For me, I've seen international friendlies in the States and it's obviously not the same. I know and understand the rivalry here, so I'm excited to see the atmosphere and the environment.

The veteran wideout said he became a fan of the sport in college, playing video games like EA SPORTS FIFA. Now as a professional athlete himself, he is impressed with the skill and stamina that soccer players put on display.

His first Derby Day ended in a big win for Manchester City, who will head to Wembley Stadium in March to play Aston Villa in the League Cup final.

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