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Dear Drew: Defensive changes & a position matchup w/Chiefs

Drew Dougherty has hosted Texans TV since 2009. He answers questions from fans regularly in his 'Dear Drew' articles and videos. If you have a question for him, go HERE and fire away. Below is the latest round of fan questions.

Ronald Simmons: Dear Drew, Hope you are doing well? I watch all your segments from Colorado Springs! My question is do you see our Defense being better from last year? Why, or why not?
DD: Hi Ronald. Thanks a lot for supporting us all the way from Colorado Springs. Love that part of the country. As for the defense, they should be much better for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, J.J. Watt is healthy. When you have a future Hall of Famer like him in the lineup, he elevates everyone around him. He's fresh, and said he's not felt this good heading into a season in five years. Second, defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver is mixing things up and will likely move guys around and bring pressure from different spots in different situations. I also think the secondary is a bit better than last year, as the cornerbacks are all a little more experienced in the system, and safety Justin Reid is playing with two healthy shoulders in 2020. Last year, he was very good despite having to slog through that injury. The arrow is pointing up, defensively.

Benjamin King: Dear Drew, Who is going to cover Travis Kelce week one?
DD: Great question. He's one of the premier playmakers in the universe, and he has weapons around him and an MVP at quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. I don't believe just one player will be assigned to him, so I think it's likely you'll see a mix between Lonnie Johnson, Justin Reid, Zach Cunningham and some other wild cards. He presents so many problems, matchup-wise.

John Edwin Hamner: Dear Drew, What team do you see signing safety Eric Reid also why do you think he has remained a free agent for so long?
DD: No clue. As it pertains to the Texans, I think the farther we get into camp, the less likely it becomes. Now, if an injury happens at the safety spot, then that changes the equation. But the elder Reid is a good safety and will be a solid addition to whichever team signs him.

Casey Gorman: Dear Drew, What would be your go to play for DW4 if you were the OC?
DD: I'll just roll with what Deshaun Watson and current offensive coordinator Tim Kelly said last week: any plays that get the ball deep to the playmakers with plenty of space. Hope that happens a lot this season.

@JJHOU99: Dear Drew, How many WRs do you think we keep on the roster going into week 1? Lots of competition at that position.
DD: You're absolutely right: it's a fierce battle at that spot. Certainly five, likely six, and maaaaaaybe even seven. There are a lot of productive guys currently on the roster there.

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