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Dear Drew: Free agent pickups, new unis & special teams

Drew Dougherty has hosted Texans TV since 2009. He answers questions regularly from fans, as you can read below. If you have a question for Drew, please send it HERE.

Aaron Salazar: Dear Drew, Earl Thomas was released by Baltimore. Defense is the key. Bring Jadeveon Clowney back and grab Thomas.
DD: Thanks for the comment, Aaron. While I suppose wackier things have happened, I'd be stunned if either is ever in a Texans uniform. I don't see either joining the franchise, much less both.

Ivan Garza: Dear Drew, Did the Texans get a new away jersey with grey on the collar by the nfl logo?
DD: No, they did not. They'll rock the same uniforms and helmets as they did in 2019.

James Broderick: Dear Drew, How valuable is it to re-sign our specialists and retain key special teams players (A.J. Moore, Crossen, Cole, etc.) and addgreat special teams guys like Micheal Thomas and Darren Bates?Huge fan and go Texans!
DD: Thanks a lot for the kind words, Broderick. I think over the last two years, we've seen how valuable excellent special teams play can be for Houston. On kickoff and punt coverage, the Texans in 2018 and 2019 were at the top of the NFL in that category. Opposing offenses, on average, had some of the worst starting field position int he League. In the punt return realm, DeAndre Carter has been just about automatic in that you can count on him for nine or 10 yards per return every single time. Last year, he was third in the NFL in average punt return yardage. Bill O'Brien and the organization place a very high emphasis on special teams play, and the additions you mentioned of Thomas and Bates, underscore that idea.

Ryan Riffel: Dear Drew, Who is the MVP of the Texans going to be?
DD: It's not a surprising answer, but quarterback Deshaun Watson. As we've seen since he arrived, this is a team that's in every ballgame, no matter the opponent. He's got another year of seasoning and is primed for a great 2020.

Ian Cottle: Dear Drew, with the defense now being run by Weaver, have you seen any different sub packages up front than we did last year?
DD: Certainly. Weaver will mix it up quite a bit. The Texans, like the rest of the league, are in a nickel form of defense most of the time. All along the defensive front, as well as at the back end, Weaver has shown a willingness to move guys around. Thanks for the question, Ian. Great to hear from you. You win today's Texas Lottery Scratchoffs.

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