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Dear Future Houston Texans Cheerleaders | Black History Month

Dear Future HTC,

Do you know what you have just done? You truly beat the odds! A young, Black woman who has come from generations of African Americans that accomplished their desired dreams.

Standing proudly in our red boots, we remember our adolescent years. We envisioned this dream long before we could write our names. For us, it is more than just an accomplishment. It is our livelihood. You'll always yearn to perform– from putting on shows for tens of thousands of people in a stadium to performing in front of your stuffed animals at a young age. In this life, you will get to live out all your heart's desires; however, it may happen in the most unconventional ways and seasons. You'll wonder if someone that looks like you has ever done it. You'll find a beautiful, doe-eyed brown girl living your dream, and you'll follow in her footsteps. She'll show you that you can do anything, and she forged this path so you can confidently walk into it.

Representation is so imperative, and we are so honored to stand in this prestige position to represent women of color. When your moment comes, know and believe that you are worthy of standing proud in that uniform and those iconic red boots. Keep going and don't let anyone or anything hold you back, because one day you'll look up and realize that you're standing in all the dreams that you've prayed for. 

We hope you know how special and amazingly talented you are. We hope when you look at yourself in the mirror as a young cheerleader, you know how worthy you are of obtaining the goals set for yourself. Your love and passion for cheer and dance will be the driving force to push you to work harder to accomplish your dreams. Never stop believing or stop dreaming.

Enter this sisterhood as your true authentic self, never dim your light to make others feel comfortable and remember that you are not on this team solely for yourself. Us and the generations of HTC before are so proud of you.

Here is your reminder to not fear the unknown. You are a firm believer in working to achieve the results you want. Stay grounded and remain faithful to your aspirations. Love yourself wholeheartedly and continue being committed to following your dreams with all your heart. Never forget that you are made for this, and you ARE supposed to be here.

Your biggest cheerleaders, 

HTC Imani, Jasmine, Kandyce, Eriel and Tiffany

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