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HTC Jasmine goes to the Pro Bowl | Off the Field

Attending this year's Pro Bowl Games has truly been a blessing from God and a dream come true. Initially I was nervous about being the only one from my team and meeting 23 brand new people. Little did I know that these 23 people would change my life forever.

As honored and humbled as I was when announced as the 2023 Houston Texans Pro Bowl Cheerleader, I don't think I truly understood the magnitude of it all until I arrived in Las Vegas. The week spent in Las Vegas was about so much more than just pretty faces and talented dancers. We were building character, changing lives and forming relationships all while doing the very thing we love the most.

From bonding with my new teammates, to late night rehearsals, to the iconic PBC photoshoot, the memories I've made will be forever engraved in my mind. Being surrounded by likeminded men and women who are also all leaders and the best representations of their respected organizations, has humbled and inspired me more than ever before. There was no competition at all, just one common goal between us and that was to have fun, make memories and dance our hearts out.

One part that I loved about attending the Pro Bowl Games was being able to see my family watch me in action at appearances and the game! Embedded in our schedule was "free time" that the cheerleaders were able to utilize as they please, so it was nice having the opportunity to spend this time with our loved ones.

When Pro Bowl gameday came, I wanted to soak it all in. The games were so exciting from start to finish! The fans were intrigued, the players were having fun and let's not forget about the celebrity team captains! Having Snoop Dog as our AFC team captain was like icing on the cake. I appreciated the open-mindedness approach the fans and players had with the Pro Bowl Games this year. With it being the very first year of its kind, the games made history making it more special to us and so much so much fun!

Lastly, my Pro Bowl experience would not have been the same without the endless support of my family, friends, teammates and Coach Casey. Being honored and voted to attend the games by my teammates is the highest honor I have ever achieved in my dance career. As I am still in awe of the very moment I was announced, I carried that energy with me throughout the week.

After this remarkable experience with the NFL, e2K entertainment and my fellow PBC sisters, I will be forever changed. There truly aren't enough words to do this trip justice. I am so grateful for this opportunity to have represented the entire Houston Texans organization with pride! Go Texans!

-HTC Jasmine

HTC Jasmine was chosen as the Houston Texans 2023 Pro Bowl Cheerleader and represented the team in Las Vegas.

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