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Decision on preseason QB snaps coming soon

Players may have a day off from training camp on Wednesday but coaches will be making big decision for the Texans first preseason game just around the corner.

On Wednesday, head coach Bill O'Brien will meet with his coaching staff to decide how to divide reps between starters and backups in preseason opener at Arizona. Ryan Fitzpatrick will start Saturday's game against the Cardinals but his playing time is yet to be determined.

"He'll start the game," O'Brien said of Fitzpatrick after Monday's practice. "Depending on how the game is going, you know, like if it is a game where there is some three and outs, I think it is more important about how many plays he gets than anything else. We'll determine that a little bit on Wednesday and then obviously, see how the game is going.

The remainder of snaps will be managed between Case Keenum and Tom Savage, although O'Brien did not officially name who would be the No. 2 quarterback for the Cardinals game. When asked about his expectations for the rookie Savage's first preseason game performance, O'Brien joked with reporters.

"I expect him to go out there and go 29 for 30, throw for 500 yards, not make a mistake. No, I'm kidding," O'Brien said. "I think that he's improved every day. He's got to calm the butterflies and do what he has been taught to do to this point and go out there and play football. Get us into the right play, make good decisions, throw the ball accurately, get us in and out of the run scheme like the way we've been doing. Meaning should I run it here or should I run it there and things like that. I think if he does that he'll come out of it feeling pretty good and just try to keep getting better every week."

Veteran players healthy enough to play are also expected to see action in the preseason.

"The guys that are healthy to play, we'll play," O'Brien said. "Now how many quarters will a guy like Duane Brown or Chris Myers play? Well again, that is determined by how the game is going. We look at that as how many snaps each guy should get."

The Texans will kick off against the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday, August 9 at 7:30 pm on KTRK-13.

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