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Don't miss Xavier Hutchinson chat, plus DeMeco Ryans on the radio | Daily Brew


It's GameWeek! (Sort of)

It's Friday! But around here we say "Day 8."

During training camp, regular days of the week and the standard lunar calendar don't come into play. It's all about what day of practice it is. Day 1 was last Wednesday.

The other way to tell day and time is by counting how many days until GameDay. With the first game happening Thursday that means today is 'game week Monday.' Meaning - while many of you are enjoying your Sunday it'll already be Wednesday around here – because Thursday is Sunday. Got it?

This is the kind of stuff that drives John Harris crazy when I speak in these terms on the air. We've been out there at the Houston Methodist Training Center doing our shows but did had a nice visit with Coach DeMeco Ryans after practice in the Hyundai Texans Radio Studio.

I know I do this every week but reading John Harris’ Harris Hits is part of a nutritious football breakfast.

John knows football like I know classic rock. The question is does he know Classic Rock better than I know football? Funny how when I was a kid we just called it rock. Now it's 'classic.'

The squad was in pads yesterday and even though this defense continues to shine, the offense did have some moments, like this pretty play from C.J. Stroud to Nico Collins.

More of that, please.

Anyone who's been fortunate enough to be at camp knows that Xavier Hutchinson, a rookie WR from Iowa State, has made plays. Drew Dougherty caught up with him here and managed to talk some football in addition to his 2023 off-topic material of bringing up aliens and ghosts.

I personally don't believe in ghosts. But I did see the movie Ghost, featuring a Houstonian, the late Patrick Swayze.

[I just threw that in because I could make a second reference this season after talking about Swayze playing the character Dalton during Road House, after the Texans acquired Dalton Schultz. They also singed another Dalton, Dalton Keene, this week. If everyone on the roster plays football as well as Road House Dalton beat guys up, we're going to the Super Bowl.]

Speaking of the roster. You need to keep this link handy. You can categorize players by position on it. Very cool stuff as you expand your Texans knowledge.

It's a big weekend, I mean game week Monday and Tuesday, as the Texans have back-to-back open practices. Soon we'll be talking about going to the New England. Bring on the games!

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