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Houston Texans

Xavier Hutchinson's fave route, perfect BBQ plate & more | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: How do you pronounce your first name?

XH: Ex-Zay-Vee-Yurr.

2) DD: How is camp going? It seems like every time I look up and the ball is going your way, you make a nice catch.

XH: I'm really just trying to stay consistent for the team, just trying to gain the trust of the coaches and even the players and the quarterbacks. So whenever the ball comes to me, it's an opportunity to make a play and just prove more and more who I am as a player.

3) DD: After practice, we see you doing extra special teams work. Running extra routes. Catching balls on the JUGS machine. How come?

XH: I'm just trying to become versatile. I really want to create a lot of options for myself on the team in whichever way they want me to help.

4) DD: How soon after you got here did you realize you belong in the NFL?

XH: I guess it was really when Case Keenum and some of the quarterbacks started believing in me, started throwing the ball a little bit more my way. That really just gave me confidence.

5) DD: What's your favorite route to run?

XH: Man, we have so many. I probably have to say "Cop" or "Cop route". It's just a little 12-yard corner to a win angle inside. I love that play. I made a few plays off of that.

6) DD: What's that wide receiver room like?

XH: Man, the receiver room is great. Honestly, ever since I came in, they made it feel like family to me. They're always trying to help me out.

7) DD: Let's rank the Top 5 Xaviers. You, Mister X, Xavier Univeristy, Xavi the soccer player and former NBA star Xavier McDaniel.

XH: I'm pumping myself up. I'm number one. Then we've got Xavier University. Mr. X. Xavi the soccer player. Xavier McDaniel, because I don't know much about him.

8) DD: Which teammate gets you amped up the most?

XH: Probably Case. I think this is year 14 for him now, so he just always brings out the energy, always has great enthusiasm. You can just tell that he really enjoys the game and he's been in the league for this long, so you know he's doing something right. It gets you ready to go to practice.

9) DD: On the flip side, who's the teammate that calms you down the most?

XH: Nico Collins. He's always giving me word of advice. He's always telling meto calm down and just move on to the next play. If I've had a bad play or even if I have had a good play, he tells me, 'Good job' and he tells me 'Next play'.

10) DD: You're new to Houston, so complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is __.

XH: Truth BBQ. I love Truth BBQ.

11) DD: So what's on the perfect barbecue plate?

XH: A little bit of burnt ends. You could really throw ribs or brisket in there. They're interchangeable. You got to have mac and cheese and then green beans.

12) DD: Any dessert?

XH: If I do get dessert, I guess just a little cheesecake.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What are you drinking?

XH: Sweet tea.

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