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Draft day decisions, head coach or GM?

With a new head coach, new defensive coordinator, and the first-overall pick, the Texans' draft possibilities are endless. Between the head coach and general manager, who gets the final during the Draft? Founder, Chairman, and CEO Bob McNair discussed the balancing act between the two involved in the selection process.

"Rick Smith has final say on personnel just as coach has final say on roster but it's in collaboration with each other," McNair said. "They have to work with each other. If there's a dispute, they come to me."

The collaboration process is vital to drafting players. If the GM picks a player, the head coach must be on board with the pick. Having an unwanted player forced on a head coach is counter-productive to the process.

"The person selecting the personnel has to know what the coach wants so you've got to spend time with him to find out what he's really looking for so that you can provide it," McNair said. "If we get him someone that he doesn't want, he's not going to play him. They're going to sit on the bench. Well, we don't have a winning organization doing that so they have to work together and vice versa."


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