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Drew's Dougherty Dozen: 12 Q w/ILB Zach Cunningham

Here are a few football questions, a few camp questions, and a few life questions for inside linebacker Zach Cunningham. You can listen to the full interview**HERE**.

DD: What's your one, "must-pack" item for training camp?

Cunningham: Everybody that knows me knows I gotta pack the gaming system. Gotta pack the gaming system. It's a PlayStation. I was just on Mortal Kombat the other day. I got a couple of dubs (wins) on (TE) Stephen Anderson.

DD: What's your best football trait?

Cunningham: Versatility.

DD: What's your most-improved football trait this offseason?

Cunningham: I stepped up in leadership. That leadership role. Being more verbal. More comfortable in my position on the defense.

DD: Which teammate gets you most pumped up?

Cunningham: McKinney, for sure. Benardrick. That's the guy I play beside. He's always got the energy. That's my guy.

DD: Which teammate calms you down the most?

Cunningham: (ILB) Dylan Cole. He's a guy I came in with. I was roommates with him last year for camp. That's a guy that brings me down and keeps me calm.

DD: Who's your most underrated teammate?

Cunningham: Probably Kennan Gilchrist. Another linebacker. He didn't get to play a lot last year, but I feel like he's somebody who's going to make a big impact on the team.

DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Cunningham: Scrambled eggs with cheese. Couple of strips of bacon. Some oatmeal. Couple of orange juices and some water.

DD: What's the best part of camp?

Cunningham: The jokes in the meeting room. That and the skits. Last year I was a rookie so I was a part of the skits. Everyone said that we've had the best skits so far, so I'm looking forward to the skits this year.

DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Cunningham: What classifies as best hair? Because I think mine's pretty good.

DD: Who's the best dresser on the team?

Cunningham: I'll have to go with myself again. I made a big impact dressing up last year. I think I did pretty good. For one of the games I dressed up pretty nice. I had a smooth R&B look. I could've made an album cover with that one. Then, for the players' New Year's party, I came in an all-gold suit. It was nice and clean. You should've seen it. It was shiny gold.

DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?

Cunningham: My man Ray Lewis. That was like the one guy I consistently watched growing up.

DD: Do you send postcards from camp, and if you do, who gets them?

Cunningham: My family. I'd probably address it to my mom.

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