Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with OL Roderick Johnson

1) DD: What are your nicknames?

Johnson: Rod. Big Rod. They call me A-Rod around here. Brother Rod.

2) DD: Why does head coach Bill O'Brien call you A-Rod?

Johnson: That's a question you'll have to ask him. It started in my position room I believe, and it just spread all throughout the facility.

3) DD: I like the 'Brother Rod' nickname. Who gave you that one?

Johnson: That one came from the players, actually, last year in my first year here.

4) DD: Let's rank the famous Rodericks and Rods. Roderick Johnson, Rod Stewart, Rowdy Roddy Piper, A-Rod or Alex Rodriguez, and Rod Woodson.

Johnson: That's tough. Roddy Piper's good. But number one is A-Rod. Roddy Piper. Rod Woodson. Then Rod Stewart.

5) DD: So you're fifth on the list?

Johnson: Of course! Those are some great Rods! They call me A-Rod because of the number one A-Rod.

6) DD: O'Brien said you've improved by "light years". What did you do differently this offseason?

Johnson: Just honed in mentally and physically, and got my mind right for OTAs and just taking it day-by-day.

7) DD: What goes on your pizza?

Johnson: I like Deluxe. Sausage. Green peppers. Olives.

8) DD: What type of crust?

Johnson: It depends. If I'm feeling on edge on a Friday night, and I'm just chilling, maybe I'll go with the stuffed crust. Back home in Saint Louis, we've got a place called Imo's that serves the flatbread, and that's a pretty good spot.

9) DD: Speaking of Saint Louis, other than family, what's one of the main things you miss the most about it?

Johnson: My friends. I talk to them almost every day or every other day. I miss those guys and they're rooting for me. I'm rooting for them in their lives and their different paths but my friends and family are the things that keep me going.

10) DD: You were on the Browns at the start of your career. What's it like having some of your former teammates there in TE Darren Fells, CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun and RB Duke Johnson on the Texans with you.

Johnson: Those guys have been in the League more than I have, so they already know the standard to survive in this League. To just know that they came from the Browns with me, then we must be doing something good and I'm glad the Houston Texans brought us here.

11) DD: Who's got the best hair on the team?

Johnson: It depends on who got a haircut, but (OL) Senio Kelemete's got some good hair.

12) DD: Who's the best dresser on the team?

Johnson: 4 (QB Deshaun Watson).

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: If you weren't playing football right now, what would your career be?

Johnson: Hopefully I'd get a job on the security team with the team here. So I could still be in football.

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