Drew's Dirty Dozen: Q&A with OL Max Scharping

1)DD: Rank the Maxes: Max Scharping, T.J. Maxx, Max Scherzer, Mad Max, and the magician Max from 'Saved by the Bell'.

Scharping: Since it affects more people, I think T.J. Maxx has gotta be number one for me. Number two, Mad Max. Two movies, both great. Definitely number two. Number three, Max Scherzer. I mean, come on: look at the man. He's had a great career. Number four, the magician. I can't do magic, so obviously, myself down at the bottom.

2)DD: You're a humble guy. But you can rise up these rankings eventually, right?

Scharping: I guess we'll find out, hopefully.

3)DD: Which of your fellow rookies is the loudest?

Scharping: (OL) Tytus (Howard). He's very loud. Very loud. Just the way he is. That's his personality and you've got to love it. He definitely lets you know when he has a good play.

4)DD: Which rookie has the best hair?

Scharping: (OL) Malcolm Pridgeon. He cleans up every week. He's got a good look to him.

5)DD: Who's the best-dressed rookie?

Scharping: I'm going to have to go with (FB) Cullen Gillaspia, just because he has a look down, and he sticks to it.

6)DD: When I asked him this question, he said he was the worst dresser.

Scharping: No. See, he has a look that he has accepted, and he sticks with it. Other people change. Not Cullen. He sticks to it, sticks by his guns, and I like that.

7)DD: What do you put on a hamburger?

Scharping: I'm from Wisconsin, so butterburger is the way to go, if you've ever been to Culver's. So, butter. I can't eat dairy right now, so this is tough for me to say. But cheese is a must. I've got to have a cheeseburger. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Pickle. Mayo and ketchup.

8)DD: When you were back, you didn't even get a chance to sneak away for a little bit?

Scharping: No, I just got to sneak back home. So my mama cooked for me a little bit and for the rest of the o-line, so that was pretty cool.

9)DD: What's been the most eye-opening thing for you about the City of Houston?

Scharping: The size. It's probably about to be the third-largest city in the country, and I've never been around a city that large before. Green Bay's a pretty small-town feel. Then I went to school at Northern Illinois in DeKalb in the middle of cornfields. It was a little bit of a change for me.

10)DD: How cool was it getting a series with QB Deshaun Watson on Saturday night?

Scharping: Yeah. He's a great leader. The way he carries himself, the way he helps us feel confident in our abilities on the field, it's amazing. It helped all five of us up front that we knew we have to protect our man back there, and he was going to get it done. He was getting it out quick. I think all of us stepped up to the plate on that drive.

11)DD: You have any nicknames?

Scharping: Sometimes they call me 'Cyborg' or 'Robot'. Sometimes I have more mechanical movements instead of seeming more smooth and fluid. (OL Greg) Mancz calls me 'Rain Man' from time-to-time. That was an interesting one. I hadn't heard that before.

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