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Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with OL Tytus Howard

1) DD: How many veteran pads and helmets are you taking back to the locker room after practice?

Howard: I got one set of pads, but two helmets though. I've gotta take (OL) Matt Kalil's helmet in for him today since he's a vet and I'm a rookie. Just a little rookie duties.

2) DD: What's on the perfect hamburger?

Howard: For me, it would be lettuce, cheese, ketchup, mayo and probably a slice of bacon.

3) DD: How crispy is the bacon slice?

Howard: Not too crispy, but a little crispy. I want some crunch to it.

4) DD: Which rookie on the Texans has the best hair?

Howard: Hmm. To be completely honest, it'd probably be me. I've got the best hair out of the group.

5) DD: So who's the best-dressed rookie?

Howard: That's hard, but I've got to go with myself again. I'm a little swaggy when it comes down to it, when I really have to drip. But I've got a good girl who will help me pick out a lot of nice stuff. And then, I've got my man (Director of Player Engagement) J.J. Moses. He's helping me get this drip for the season. So I feel like I'm a good dresser.

6) DD: If we all had a good woman, and a J.J. Moses in our life, the world would be a better place. Would it not?

Howard: Oh my. Everybody would be living lovely.

7) DD: You ever me a more positive person than J.J. Moses?

Howard: No. Since I've been here, I've never seen J.J. have a negative energy around him. Everyone who speaks about J.J., talks highly about him.

8) DD: When he sees you, what does he call you?

Howard: 'Big Dog'. He calls everybody 'Big Dog'.

9) DD: Which of your teammates makes you laugh the most?

Howard: Probably (OL) Greg Mancz. He's just a funny guy. He interacts with everyone.

10) DD: Have you done the rookie skit yet?

Howard: Haven't done the rookie skit yet, but I had to get in front of the team and sing 'Happy Birthday' and a song, because I didn't have a joke ready fast enough. So I sang 'Meant to Be' by Florida Georgia Line.

11) DD: That's a good song.

Howard: It's a great song. It doesn't matter if you listen to country or not. Who doesn't like that song? Me and my fiancé will be riding in the car and we'll just sing it. she'll be scared to sing it. 

12) DD: What's your favorite emoji?

Howard: The one where he's making the face like 'Hmm'. The thoughtful one. That's probably one of the funniest ones to me.

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