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Drew's Dirty Dozen: 12Q with QB Joe Webb, III

1)DD: Joe, it's rare that only one quarterback plays an entire preseason game. How are you feeling, physically?

Webb: I'm feeling pretty good. The body's starting to recover, coming out here running around. Feels pretty good and I'm just ready to move on to next week.

2)DD: What's the difference between how you feel today after playing quarterback in a preseason game, versus how you feel after playing on the special teams units during the regular season?

Webb: Not much of a big difference. It's your job to get your body prepared to go for next week.

3)DD: What do you eat for breakfast at camp?

Webb: Eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, some type of greens like spinach, orange juice and water.

4)DD: You played college football at the University of Alabama-Birmingham with country music star Sam Hunt. What's your favorite song of his?

Webb: Aw, he's got a lot of good ones. I would say his whole album.

5)DD: How often do you guys keep in touch?

Webb: We talk every now and then. He has a busy schedule and I have a busy schedule. Whenever he performs in town I go see him.

6)DD: What songs, in general and not necessarily Sam Hunt songs, get you going on gameday or before practice?

Webb: Right now, I would say "Freestyle" by Lil Baby. It's got a nice catchy beat. Usually when we play that song the whole team kind of gets going.

7) DD: What music do you use to cool down?

Webb: Gospel. J. Cole. Any type of R&B song that's trying to keep you relaxed. Jazz. I listen to all types of different music, depending on how I feel.

8) DD: So is DE Brandon Dunn a great DJ in the locker room?

Webb: Brandon is a great DJ. He does get it going quite a bit. Sometimes we have to get on him. We have to look at the other end of the locker room like 'Hey Dunn, what are you doing?'. But he gets it going in the morning. He's pretty good about receiving requests from his fans.

9)DD: So it helps you being near Deshaun Watson in the locker room, because he's kind of like the Vice DJ, right?

Webb: Oh yeah. I think he helps Dunn with his playlists. You see D4 (Watson) with his speaker walking around playing new music, so Dunn's like 'Okay, I might need to add that to my playlist.'

10) DD: Who's the messiest Houston Texan?

Webb: Right now, the rookies. All the rookies. They don't have a clue. Their stuff is just laying around all over the place.

11) DD: Who's the cleanest Texan?

Webb: My locker's next to (WR) Will Fuller's. He keeps his locker pretty clean. Clothes are hung up. Shoes are in the right spot.

12) DD: Who's the best dresser on the Texans?

Webb: D4. You've gotta go with D4.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: Who has the best hair on the team?

Webb: (WR) Chad (Hansen). Number 85. He's got the nice little swoosh going. Check it out, you'll see.

Houston Texans travel to Green Bay for the first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

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