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Experts share opinions on Texans biggest 2017 need

Every offseason brings about new needs for an NFL team.

The Texans have seen a handful of players sign with other teams in free agency, but they've also re-signed contributors like tight end Ryan Griffin, punter Shane Lechler and kicker Nick Novak. Plus, defensive end J.J. Watt and cornerback Kevin Johnson are expected to return from injuries that derailed their 2016 campaigns.

At the Combine in Indianapolis, Deepi Sidhu of spoke with various members of the national media, and got their perspective on the biggest area of need. It came with the caveat of "other than the quarterback position", but that didn't deter a few scribes.

Sidhu spoke with Dane Brugler of CBS Sports, Alex Flanagan of NBC Sports, Ian Rapoport of, Jason La Canfora of B-more Opinionated, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Albert Breer of MMQB and Adam Caplan from ESPN.

BRUGLER: "I'd lean offensive line. Whoever's that quarterback, they need someone that's going to help protect them. Obviously that helps open up the run game, helps open up the pass game. Adding an extra offensive lineman – not only you need someone on the right side, but Duane Brown isn't going to play forever and you need a future left tackle as well. I think offensive line would make a lot of sense."

FLANAGAN: "I'm still going to say quarterback because I think everything revolves around that. It seemed like you guys had a lot of great pieces in place and I think just getting that position figured out."

RAPOPORT: "Tackle. Offensive tackle. For the future, for now and for the future."

LA CANFORA"I'm sticking with quarterback. It's quarterback. It's quarterback. It's quarterback. They get that sorted out, there's enough pieces in place there. I mean, look. You're getting a little long in the tooth at a couple spots on the offensive line, what have you, but if they had decent quarterback play last year, who knows."

MCCLAIN: "Right offensive tackle by a long shot."

BREER: "They need help on the offensive line. That's a tough spot to need a lot of help on because the draft class isn't very good at those – at any of those positions. Tackles aren't great. There isn't a great center. There are a couple guards that are pretty good but there's not a lot of depth there."

CAPLAN: "I would say offensive line. I think offensive line to be is a little bit of a concern – in addition to quarterback. The offensive line, quarterback going into the offseason, to me, would be the greatest concerns other than some depth at certain positions, but they're going to be good. How good depends a lot starting with quarterback."

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