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Free Agent interest in Houston, candy & a new era | Fans Wanna Know


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Gilbert Garcia: Dear Drew, So this offseason, how are the Texans going to attract free agents?
DD: Money, Gilbert. Money, and the chance to play on a winner.

The Texans have some more salary cap space than they've had in the past few years, so they'll be able to potentially go after some caliber of players they might not have had a chance at acquiring recently.

They also have a playoff team with young stars on both sides of the ball, including C.J. Stroud at quarterback.

Money and the chance to win are two very attractive things to free agents.

Fidencio Castellanos: Dear Drew, Is there a way we can sign Saquon Barkley, Devin Singletary and keep Dameon Pierce?!?!
DD: Sure. I think that would be tough, but it would be possible. Getting Barkley and re-signing Singletary would be expensive, and probably mean you can't spend as much in other areas. Pierce is still under contract.

It's definitely possible, but highly unlikely.

Noel Sotelo: Dear Drew, When will the new uniforms be unveiled?
DD: In April.

John Robinson: Dear Drew, Who do you believe was the most impactful player in Texans history?
DD: Andre Johnson on offense and J.J. Watt on defense. Johnson was the first great player in franchise history, and he'll enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame this August. He was also the first player the team put in the Ring of Honor, and they did so in 2017, just two years after he retired from the NFL. He was the focal point of the offense and typically the best player on the field, no matter the opponent. Defenses focused on him, and still couldn't stop him.

As for Watt, he was a 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, and in 2014 he got MVP votes. That season was remarkable: he scored five touchdowns, rang up 20.5 sacks and logged 51 quarterback hits.

He'll head to Canton when he's eligible in four years.

Joe Olivo: Dear Drew, Do you believe this is the most exciting time in Houston, Texas in franchise history with this quarterback, C.J. Stroud?
DD: Yes. He's the main reason why, but certainly not the only one. Along with Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and some other budding stars, the future is exceedingly bright.

It felt a little like this heading into the 2012 regular season. Houston started that campaign 11-1 before faltering a bit in the month of December and exiting the playoffs with a Divisional Round loss.

But this bunch is younger, and Stroud did things at quarterback--as a rookie--that nobody else has done around here. I'm amped for the future.

Jacqueline Pellegrino: Dear Drew, What do you think about us making it to Super Bowl next season?
DD: Sure, why not? Let's see what the Texans do in free agency and the Draft, and see how Stroud and the offense continue to gel in the second season under coordinator Bobby Slowik.

It'll be hard to make it, but I think we've seen that just about anything is possible when the Texans are firing on all cylinders.

James Garcia: Dear Drew, If the Texans were candy which do you think they would be? M&Ms, Snickers Kit Kat, Peeps or other?
DD: James, this is the question of the week and you will be rewarded with Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. I hope they yield lots of money for you to buy sweets.

As far as the Texans and candy, that's a hard one to answer.

How about a pack of Now & Laters? They're tough on the outside, and then rewarding once you get through chewing them. Delicious with a flavorful bite of aftertaste.

Carlos Rodriguez: Dear Drew, I would like to know when the 2024 regular season schedule comes out.
DD: It'll be out sometime in April.

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