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Free agent pickups, white helmets, app games  | Dear Drew

Drew Dougherty has been the host of Texans TV since 2009. He answers fan questions regularly, and if you have one for him, please click here.

George Anglim: Dear Drew, Will the Texans be playing any games this year??? Are any tickets being sold for home games??? Will you answer any questions that I send to you by. way of the internet???
DD: Yes, George. The Texans open the season a week from Thursday night at Kansas City. The first home game is Sunday, September 19 against Baltimore. There won't be fans in NRG Stadium for that one. The team will make a decision whether or not fans will be in stadium in October and beyond in the next month or so.

James Broderick: Dear Drew, do you think the Texans will sign a free agent that can just be a backup? I think we need a third RB and a backup ILB.
DD: James, the Texans will continually add and drop players from now through the end of January. That'll happen via the waiver wire, free agency, and sometimes even by trade. It wouldn't surprise me to see them add free agents at those spots. Cuts are coming in the next week. Yesterday, the Texans released veteran linebacker Daren Bates.

Jonathan Tonogan: Dear Drew, I know Bill O'Brien has said he has complete confidence in Tim Kelly, but what are the chances he steps in midway through the season if the record is well below .500?
DD: Boy Jonathan, you're really optimistic. I don't see any team with a healthy Deshaun Watson being well under .500 at any point of a season, much less midway.

Shannon Budaus: Dear Drew, Last season I enjoyed playing the gametime predictions and won some awesome prizes. Will there be another contest like that this season?
DD: Yes. There will actually be over a dozen new games available on the Houston Texans mobile app. After a few kinks last year, this year's versions will be much smoother, easier to use, and more fun. Sounds like you'll be a fan of the 'Higer or Lower' game presented by Miller Lite. It's a prediction game, and it's simple to use.

Isaac Camacho: Dear Drew, I've always wanted to ask you guys a question about new uniforms. However as I was submitting this, I heard it was not changing and that is really unfortunate. White helmets for only select games seem odd, don't you think?
DD: No more odd than having different colored jerseys for select games, which is what the Texans and most other NFL clubs do throughout the season. The white helmets thing isn't official, either. It's just something that might wind up happening in the years ahead, though not in 2020. But thanks for the question, Isaac. It was such a good one, that you win today's Texas Lottery Scratchoffs. Congrats!

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