Got questions: 'Dear Drew' to answer more of them

It's time for a change.

Instead of answering a few questions weekly on video, in 'Dear Drew'...I'm going to answer questions on a daily basis.

There's a new form on the website HERE, so send away.

In the summer of 2014, my good friend and coworker Jay McDevitt came up with an idea: answer fan questions, but in a goofy way. Give the person who asked the best question of the week a bunch of Texas Lottery Scratchoff tickets. 'Dear Drew' was born.

We always shot some sort of different intro for the Q & A. Over the last 5-plus years those intros had me, among other things, delivering kolaches to coworkers, screaming out of sadness, and even getting J.J. Watt into the act.

My four young children saw the 'Dear Drew' below, and still occasionally ask me to use 'The Force' like I did that time in my office. Love those gullible sweethearts.

People asked a lot of questions. Many were intelligent ones. Many more could've been answered with a quick Google search. Many asked 'Who the hell is Drew, and why is he asking for questions?'

I did my darnedest to answer as many as I could. But since I couldn't answer every one in a video, a few years back, I added 'The Leftovers'. That was a written Q&A and I was able to get about a dozen more answered each week.

I'd end each video by rattling on my keyboard and laughing maniacally, and I'm not really sure why or how that started.

Now, we're going to get to as many as humanly possible.

So fire away. I'll answer stuff about the team. Tickets. Traditions. Uniforms. Life. Love. Whatever.

EXCEPT: I'll never address questions or comments calling for the termination of a Texans' job. After all, these players and coaches are technically co-workers of mine. To comment on that sort of thing would not only be unprofessional, but it would be downright impolite.

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