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Greg Cosell: Breaking down the combine QBs

I'd love to know who watches more tape, Greg Cosell of NFL Films or our own John Harris. Sitting down with the two of them is part football ear candy, part 'you guys need a life.'

Here's some of what Greg Cosell told us at the NFL Scouting Combine about the consensus top five quarterbacks heading into the draft.

On Carson Wentz – "I love the way he throws. He throws with great natural body torque and weight transfer. The ball comes out with juice and velocity. He doesn't need functional space all the time in the pocket. In the NFL you get less functional space. He can snap his hips and the ball jumps out of his hand. He's a really gifted player."

On Jared Goff – "He has a very good feel in the pocket for looking one way and coming back the other way. And what he does really well is his feet move with his eyes. And that's critical. There are so many NFL quarterbacks whose feet don't move their eyes and they end up throwing the ball off balance. They lose velocity and they lose accuracy."

On Conner Cook – "I see him as a complimentary quarterback. He played in what's essentially a pro style offense. I think he's a good thrower. I think there are times he gets on his front foot a little too much. If you give him a good run game and if he has good weapons he can run your offense.

On Paxton Lynch – "Physically gifted player. 6-7, athletic, can move. He was a little up and down from a consistency stand point. I think with him it will be a little bit of a process. There will be some people who look at the talent, the size, the movement, the throwing and think he's a top ten pick. I think he's a good prospect.

On Christian Hackenberg – "I've seen him throw live and I've talked to him. When you see him in shorts and a tee shirt he looks like Troy Aikman. He ran an offense as a freshman where he was predominantly under center with a lot of play action. He ran an offense the last two years where he was in the shotgun almost all the time and looked uncomfortable. The pure physical talent is there you just have to decide what can be coached and what can't."

You can catch more or our conversation with Greg Cosell on Texans24 on and on Texans360 Saturday night at 11pm on ABC-13.

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