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Hopkins gives advice to Deshaun Watson

With the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine just one week away, the nation's top prospects are preparing for the biggest job interviews they've ever had.

Four years ago, DeAndre Hopkins was doing the same. His alma mater, Clemson has a number of players who have declared for the draft, including quarterback Deshaun Watson (6-2, 215). The two-time Heisman Trophy finalist is rated among the best in his position group in this year's draft class.

When asked if he had any advice for Watson, Hopkins responded with a lesson he'd learned from his own experience.

"Man, I don't play the quarterback position but if I could give him any advice about coming to the NFL, it would be to just master the game of football," Hopkins said earlier this month on Texans Radio. "At that position, that's probably the hardest thing, just mastering football not so much being able to make that throw or any throw you can make he knows he has the arm to make it but it's small things that goes into it, not just him going out there and throwing the football."

As a rookie in 2013, Hopkins believed being a wide receiver in the NFL was simple. Throw the ball his direction and he would catch it. After four seasons in the league, the Pro Bowler laughs when he recalls his confident, yet naïve attitude towards the game.

"That was my mindset back then," Hopkins said. "But now that I became more of a student of the game, I know it's more to football than just throwing it up to a player. Quarterback has a lot of reads to make. It's not just that simple in throwing it up to a guy."

The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine takes place Feb. 28 through March 6 in Indianapolis with over 300 prospects participating.

Check out shots of current Texans players from previous NFL Combines. (Photos via AP Images)

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