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Houston Texans

Is this the hottest Texans training camp ever?

"Oh, it's hot," said Jadeveon Clowney.
"It's hot, there is no two ways around it," added Bill O'Brien.

There is no debate Texans Camp weather has been extremely hot, but has it been the hottest – ever?

The simple, and pretty unbelievable, answer: no, it somehow actually isn't.

After averaging the temperatures of the first week of August since 2002, below is a ranking of the top five hottest Texans Training Camps:
5. 2016: 97 degrees
4. 2009: 97.5 degrees
3. 2013: 98.4 degrees
2. 2015: 99.2 degrees
*1. 2011: 100.6 degrees

*Sure, this year hasn't been the hottest in history, but let's remember, 3.6 degrees makes a huge difference… So, sweat away happily, Texans fans, but remember, it could be worse. 

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