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It wasn't your ordinary Pro Day

Rap music was playing.

Three different cable sports networks carried it live.

The 41st President of the United States and his wife were there.

Johnny Manziel's pro day workout was a spectacle also attended by 75 NFL personnel and a few hundred media members.

Manziel completed 61 of the 64 passes he attempted and was enthused by his own performance.

"Performance" is the key word.

Manziel entered the Texas A&M Pro Center with rap music playing. He wasn't decked out in the customary shorts and t-shirt in which most quarterbacks conduct their pro days. Instead, Manziel wore a matte black-colored helmet devoid of the Texas A&M logo, a black jersey with a white number 2, and black and grey camoflauge shorts. White tights, white socks and white cleats adorned his legs.

He spoke about wanting to attack the pro day, and his personal quarterback coach George Whitfield said Manziel "doubled-down" by wearing the extra equipment.

If nothing else, the helmet and pads made him look a little bigger than he would have in just a t-shirt and shorts.

Before he started throwing, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner gathered his receivers together and spoke for a few moments to the NFL decision-makers in attendance.

After that, he got to work showing the general managers, coaches and scouts in attendance a variety of throws. He threw short, deep, to the left, center and right of the field, and punctuated his final toss by yelling "Boom" on a bomb up the left side of the field to Mike Evans.

In the middle of it all, President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush rolled into the proceedings in a maroon golf cart. A pair of small dogs were perched under her legs, and they took in Manziel's workout silently.

When he finished throwing, he spoke briefly with the First Couple, shook hands with Texans chief operating officer Cal McNair, and then was ushered off to the first of a trio of interviews with ESPN, the NFL Network and Fox Sports 1.

He spoke with the rest of the media afterwards, and made a point to thank the players who joined him on the field to help.

"More than anything, I wanted to have a blast doing it," Manziel said.

 It may or may not have affected whether or not he's taken first overall in the Draft this May, but in the end, nobody who was there will forget the show Manziel put on during his throwing day.

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