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J.J. Watt comeback, schedule release, CB2 and WR2 | Fans Wanna Know


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David Gwaltney: Dear Drew, What are the odds J.J. Watt plays for the Texans this year?
DD: Based on what he said Saturday night, and what Head Coach DeMeco Ryans said on Monday at the 21st Annual Houston Texans Golf Classic, there's a possibility of it happening.

Watt was very complimentary of the current group of Texans defenders, and predicted he probably won't be suiting up in 2024.

"I don't anticipate that happening, because they've got a very good group," Watt said.

BUT...he has also stayed in shape, and he shared what he told Ryans last fall.

"Don't call unless you absolutely need it, but if you ever do call, I'll be there," Watt said.

Ryans, meanwhile, said he loved to hear "J.J. say he is ready" and that he has "his number ready to go just in case we need him."

If injuries at the position were to pile up, I wouldn't rule out a Watt return.

Mark Aguilar: Dear Drew, When does our schedule come out?
DD: While the official date hasn't been announced, the NFL usually releases the schedule in early to mid-May. So it could be very soon.

Roland Morgan: Dear Drew, Who is likely to start at corner back #2?
DD: The competition at the corner spot opposite Derek Stingley, Jr. will likely be between veterans like Jeff Okudah and C.J. Henderson, and rookie Kamari Lassiter.

The first two have combined to start 64 games and pick off five passes in their NFL careers. Lassiter, meanwhile, was the team's first pick in this year's NFL Draft, going 42nd overall.

Ian Robinson: Dear Drew, Based on what you have seen inside the building, how is the relationship between Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans? They come from 2 different types of backgrounds and coaching trees.
DD: It looks great. Caserio described it a few weeks ago, and dished out a lot of praise for the head coach.

"Belief starts with I would say in our situation with DeMeco," Caserio said. "I'd say everybody believes in him and what he's doing. It goes back to the consistency. There's nobody more consistent than Ryans in everything that he does, that he believes in. The players see that. We all feel that. It starts there."

Despite coming from the two different backgrounds, as you point out, they're both their own men. Yes, Caserio was a Patriot for two decades, and yes, Ryans played under Gary Kubiak and then coached under Kyle Shanahan, but ultimately Caserio and Ryans have their own philosophies on things and they're both flexible in how they think.

In the year-and-change they've worked together, they've made excellent decisions.

Courtney Johnson: Dear Drew, Who you think is going to be the Houston Texans number-2 wide out?
DD: That's tough to answer, because I'm not sure we can say with certainly who their number 1 wide receiver will be. Stefon Diggs, Nico Collins and Tank Dell all have legitimate arguments for that slot, as well as for the second and third spots. That's a great thing.

They're all very talented, and they were all highly productive last season.

That trio logged a combined 13 games in which they cracked the 100-yard receiving mark, and they caught a combined 23 touchdowns last year.

They each have unique skillsets and body types, and give quarterback C.J. Stroud a lot of options in the passing game.

Mario Valle: Dear Drew, Is it possible to go to the team store at the stadium to buy Texans gear any day?
DD: It's closed on Sundays, and open 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. every other day of the week.

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