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J.J. Watt rooting for a tie on Sunday Night Football

J.J. Watt is on a group text with his brothers, T.J. and Derek Watt.

This week's hot topic on the text chain is the upcoming game between Steelers outside linebacker T.J. and Chargers fullback Derek on Sunday Night Football game. The (7-3-1) Pittsburgh Steelers will host the (8-3) Los Angeles Chargers and J.J. plans to be an active trash-talker, even if he's solo, on the group text.

"I'm very proud of them and I can't wait to watch the game," Watt said. "I'm really not – I haven't figured out yet, what I'm cheering for or what I'm supposed to be looking for because now they're on both sides. they're going against each other. I hope T.J. (Watt) gets a couple sacks. I hope Derek (Watt) gets a touchdown or a carry, has some great blocks."

Watt said he told his brothers "no cut-blocks" or aiming for knees. His real dilemma is figuring out which team should win. Currently, all three of the Watt brothers are on teams battling for a playoff spot with just three losses through 12 weeks.

"I hope the game, I don't know, I guess ends in a tie," Watt said. "I guess that's probably the best thing for everybody. It's probably good for us too. They're two good teams in the AFC and they're having great years. It's going to be a lot of fun."

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