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J.J. Watt's best off-the-field moments

Whether he was sacking quarterbacks, doing interviews, or interacting with fans, J.J. Watt has provided incredible memories since he was drafted in 2011. We've housed some of the best off-the-field moments from the past decade below.

While J.J. was mic'd up during Texans Training Camp, a little girl snuck a peck on an unsuspecting Watt.

After the Texans' 23-7 win over the Browns in 2014, a reporter asked J.J. if he felt like Santa Claus. In true J.J. fashion, he played along.

In 2015, kids at the Houston Texans YMCA took it upon themselves to teach J.J. how to correctly do the 'Nae Nae.'

In November of 2014, the McNair family adopted three horses for the Houston Police Department's Mounted Patrol and renamed the horses Texan Star, Cushing 56 and J.J. Watt. This was the first time J.J. met the horse named in his honor.

In 2017, J.J. Watt won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. J.J. had the goal of raising $200,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston. His fundraising did a whole lot more, bringing in an incredible $37 million in 19 days.

In 2015, Watt was part of the Spirit of Halloween event at Texas Children's Hospital and surprised the kids as "Batman". Of course, he did the voice.

In 2016, J.J. surprised the Mexican National Soccer Team while they were preparing for their match against Venezuela in the Copa América Centenario. To say Javier "Chicharito" Hernández was excited is an understatement.

In 2016, Texans TV released the first season of the popular series, Kid Reporter. J.J. had his first appearance on the show and had quite a few laughs with the hosts, Luke and Jogi.

In 2018, J.J. joined the Kid Reporters for his third appearance and answered which superhero he would be and poked fun at his brothers.

How did we make it this far down the list without a J.J. appearance on the popular Shaun Cody series, On the Nose? In this clip, the rookie teaches the proper fumble recovery techniques... on a tissue box.

Aside from his big plays on the field, something all Texans fans were accustomed to seeing every week was J.J.'s pregame routine of playing catch with fans.

J.J. kept the tradition regardless of whether it was with Texans fans or opponents. This clip is from pregame at the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl in Phoenix, AZ. No matter which team they root for, J.J. made sure they had a smile on their face from the experience.

The J.J. Watt Charity Classic softball game has raised millions for youth programs over the last seven years. Back in 2013, J.J. wore a mic during his first-ever softball game at Constellation Field in Sugar Land.

In 2013, J.J. talked about special photos from his trip to Afghanistan with the USO in a video series, My Story, on

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