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John Metchie, III progress, J.J. Watt hurdles and flags | Fans Wanna Know


Got a question about the Texans?
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Bill Snead: Dear Drew, Am I the only fan that felt penalties were called on the Texans inappropriately?
DD: No.
Many were angry about the calls last Sunday. Head Coach DeMeco Ryans said Monday the Texans would "submit some calls and we'll let the league handle that from that perspective."
But the bad calls weren't the reason the Texans lost to Jacksonville. Ryans said the Texans, among other things, needed to be better in coverage on defense and also needed to run the ball better as an offense.

Javier Avellan: Dear Drew, If J.J. Watt gets in shape and wants to come back AND the Texans want him back, are there any restrictions related to still being under contract to the Arizona Cardinals? Would that be a complicated issue to resolve?
DD: The Cardinals designated Watt as a post-June 1 release back on March 16 of this year. So if he decided to come back, he'd be free to sign with any NFL team.
Despite the speculation we heard last week, I'd still be surprised if Watt came back to play.
BUT…like I mentioned earlier, I'd never bet against Watt being able to do it.

Mike Milbury: Dear Drew, John Metchie, III deserves a lot more touches than he is getting. A high draft pick and one of the top receivers of that class… what gives?
DD: Metchie's done well when called upon. But the Texans have been fortunate enough to get big games and excellent seasons from the likes of Tank Dell and Nico Collins, with strong performances from Noah Brown and Robert Woods as well.
Factor in what tight end Dalton Schultz has meant to the passing game, and quarterback C.J. Stroud's been spoiled with great options.
Metchie's certainly one of them.
So far in 2023, he's been targeted 13 times and has 11 catches for 129 yards.

Lee Williams: Dear Drew, Will that ugly ketchup bottle look go away with the uniform change next year?
DD: Lee's not a fan of the all-Battle Red look. Houston wore the Battle Red pants on Sunday, and it was the first time they'd done so since December of 2010.
We'll see how often they wear it again next season, as we'll see pretty drastic changes to the uniforms. Expect to see some of those changes around the week of the NFL Draft in late April.

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