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Joint Practice Was Jumpin' | Daily Brew


Training Camp, which got underway three weeks ago, is almost done? I know it sounds crazy but we are down to just four sessions left! That doesn't mean the days run consecutively. There are games, off-days, walk-through days. Just read here.

Some people will tell you that Training Camp is actually over. In fact, here's a misleading headline about Cal McNair “wrapping up camp’ by grilling for the fans.

He was just wrapping up the fan-attended practices. Believe me, Cal and Hannah will be out there for practice early and often. But it was super cool that Cal displayed his grilling skillz for the second straight year (yeah, I spelled skills that way!)

The second joint practice with the Dolphins was another spirited affair. Plenty of work and plenty of teaching moments for DeMeco Ryans' staff. Both teams had their moments. It's invaluable that the Texans get good work against playoff competition. Johnny Harris was all over the action, as usual.

The Dolphins have a big, physical front. Adding to the look is their white uniforms. White is NOT a slimming color. We discussed important information like this, among other things, on Texans All Access. The Jalen Pitre pick-6 that concluded Wednesday's practice is the most memorable moment in Texans joint practice history. And I'm just the guy to let you know that.

The joint practices were one thing (or is it two?) the important thing is the actual game on Saturday at NRG Stadium. It'll be a rare home preseason afternoon game, kicking off at 3pm. Be there, or if you cant, we've written a piece on every possible way to consume the action.

Let's enjoy this one. The next home action is about a month away when the Texans take on the Colts. For now, it's two preseason games to go, a week off, then blast-off for the regular season. Let's go!

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